Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tri Polish Challenge : blue blue and green

The water marble featured today caused the air to turn blue in our house on Saturday! I was too hot to want to stay in bed so I got up to do my nails at 7am, like any self respecting polish addict would...

"Lots of time? I know a watermarble, wonder if I could try a candy cane type thing?" So I do it, it all goes really well.

Then comes clean up.

This idiot knocks a 50ml bottle of pure acetone over herself, the breakfast bar, the floor and her mobile phone.  The nails took a hit during cleaning up the clean up. The phone survived. The lino floor has some lighter patches, but I think they blend into the pattern.  By the time I took pictures I wasn't in the mood for messing about setting up my lightbox.

For this mani I dropped my blue holo and only used Himalayan Blue and Green Tea, I added another white SH for marbling and applied the marble over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

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  1. Great job! Too funny/frustrating about knocking the acetone bottle over! :P


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