Saturday, 31 August 2013

Inspired by Nailasaurus

I recently bought some Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes - I found them on sale on eBay five for twenty quid.  When thinking how to use them within a mani I turned to my nail heroine, The Nailasaurus, the queen of manis with lots of stuff going on which always "work."  Checking out her posts, the most common pattern I can see is two creme finishes and a glitter. Usually she has a couple of plain nails with minor adornment and a couple of intricate ones plus glitter.  Hopefully this one "works!"  If I had more time I would have done a gradient nail on my thumb, instead I went for glitter on two nails. 

After starting out with my SpaRitual Protein Boost, I used a combination of Barry M Gelly in Greenberry, China Glaze Tart-y For the Party and Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Bejeweled.  There was some studs and some striping tape and some Seche and the end result is....

Now onto the other exciting info....  I mentioned to hubby that I'd love an SLR camera, turns out he would too, so as a started camera I've just got a Nikon D3100 which I'm going to be experimenting with... hopefully this resolves my slightly too bright photo issues (well I think they are!) and not being able to photograph coral polishes!   Meant to be delivered today so fingers crossed....

I got on google and searched the model of the camera and nail blogger - results back are that it's used by Kayla Shevonne in amongst others (good enough for me!)

Friday, 30 August 2013

Color Club Alter Ego and Alias

I recently got into the local TK Maxx and found the Color Club Alter Ego collection "Keep It Under Wraps" set sitting there - the last one!  Six polishes and a Vivid top coat.  Rather than posting one long post with lots of pictures in it I have broken it down, these are the next two bottles.  You can see my first posts here and here.

The first polish from this collection is the name sake Alter Ego, this one looked almost black in the bottle with a deep shimmer, until it came into the light when it reminded me a little of China Glaze Bogie.  On the nail it came out so much lighter!  This is two coats no top coat.  I think this may have looked better layered over a more opaque base colour as it was very thin.

As a comparison here I left the ring and little finger with two coats of Alter Ego, then added Bogie on my middle finger, Cirque Planet Caravan and the thumb is Color Club Alias, from the same collection.  No dupes here.  If I had realised how pink this was I may have tried it next to OPI Rally Pretty Pink.

Next is Alias, a similar shade.  Alias was the polish which made me really want this set, a deep purple with a green duochrome, hints of gold, orange and blue.  It looked amazing!  Then I got it home and side by side it looked a dupe of Cirque Planet Caravan and I realised I already had something very much like this.

I swatched it and was so disappointed, it took 3 coats, went on streaky and dragged.  The pictures below show the polish with no top coat.  This will be one I'll use over black in future or perhaps a deep purple. 

In the final picture I switched my middle and index finger for Cirque Planet Caravan for a comparison.  Side by side the two polishes aren't dupes, but then neither is the quality of the polishes, Cirque is a one coat polish and applies really well, Color Club is awful, streaky and no comparison.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pink Skittlette

Since I was sent the Grit FX polishes by Beauty UK for reviewing, I have had all kinds of ideas of skittlette type manis: I love being able to chuck a couple of textured nails in there.  Seeing as I now have some brighter textured polishes I decided to go full on pink!

I used Barry M Grapefruit and Beauty UK Grit FX in Birdcage as my base colours over SpaRitual Protein Boost, I was surprised that they are exactly the same colour, just different finishes!  I added one simple lilac stud at the base of each textured nail using the 2mm square candy colours studs I was previously sent to review.  I stamped over two of the Barry M Grapefruit Nails using Mentality Wily for a soft lilac mesh pattern, and added an accent of glitter on my little fingers using Models Own Hot Stuff.

Finally a claw shot, to show the busted thumb, compared to yesterday's post all the left corner is gone.

The camera was struggling to capture the pink (for some reason pinks look orange and corals look red on this camera, even when I manually set the white balance) so I changed the white balance to auto.... even worse!

The best colour accurate picture was this one taken using flash.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Teal and Black texured stripes

Today's nails were a brainwave, I should have been watching a film (we finally went to see Monsters University!) but found my mind wandering as I couldn't get into the film and this idea came into mind.

I have combined creme finish and textures with an accent ringer finger nail of the same shades in holo.

Final picture is "the claw" pose which I don't often use.  I'm glad I took this photo as I was so pleased with my thumb nail.  Sure enough the next day I broke the corner down on it (AGAIN!)  for some reason the corner is a bit vulnerable, the free edge starts quite low on that nail and it often feels bendy.  Nevermind, it'll grow!

I have plenty of teal polishes, for this mani I used a-england Galahad as a base on my thumb and middle fingers.  My index and little fingers started with a base of a-england Camelot.  My ring finger had a base of Kiko 401.  Once the base colours were all dry, I taped off stripes and used texture polishes over the top, the black texure is Nails Inc Noho, the teal texture is Beauty UK Printworks and the holo for the accent nail is Jade Magia.

Just as an aside I actually did these nails two weeks after I did the ones from the post in which I was sulking.  Again I'm seeing some fab results from the SpaRitual Protein Boost, especially the middle finger which was the one I'd broken.

Now onto the other British Nail Bloggers... New Widget:

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Born Pretty Store Holographic Polish #5

I thought I had posted this this morning, but it seems I didn't - ooops!

The next item I have been sent by BornPrettyStore for review purposes is the Holographic polish in shade #5, an orange shade.  I have quite a few holographic polishes but nothing orange, so I thought this would be something a bit different to try out.  

The holographic polish is available in 12 shades, there are lots of fab colours!  This particular shade is currently retailing on offer at $4.59.

Onto the pictures... I forgot to reset the white balance on the camera and went outside into direct sunshine.  Oddly enough these photos were pretty close to the colour on my nails when I saw them.  The shade of orange is just a bit darker than my hair at the moment.

The following pictures are a couple of coats, no top coat. 

This final photo shows my nails after 24hrs wear, this is with top coat.  Very little tip wear, no chips, for my nails this is fab.

This holo is great, it's not as full on as a Layla, but then it's also not a pain to apply like a Layla, this went on smoothly and needed no special base coats, it wasn't affected by top coat either.

The only thing I would change about this product is that I'd like the option to buy a bigger bottle!  The polish is 6ml, I'd love it if there were two sizes available online to choose from.  The bottle is like a mini version of a posh brand (not that I have too many of them!) and is one of those where you can pull the square lid off and use a smaller handle for the brush.

The polish can be bought here from the Born Pretty Store  with free worldwide shipping.

You can get an additional 10% off by using the discount code below.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Born Pretty Store 2mm Candy Stud Review

Today I have a product sent for review by Born Pretty Store.

The candy stud range is amazing with varying sizes of studs in wheels, there's even one which has both round and square studs!  The wheel I was sent to review is the 400 piece 2mm square stud set which contains 12 colours, varying from soft pastel shades of pink green and orange to neon orange yellow and pink.  The set retails at $7.59 (free worldwide shipping and a further 10% off using the discount code at the end of the post makes this set even better value!)

I love the look of studs and textured polish so I decided to combine them for this mani.  I painted each nail a different texured shade.  Once dry I then added a black stripe of black leather polish on the left hand side (I freehanded this) and working quickly added the studs.

Studs all fell to side as hand was upright, silly me!

Camera struggled to capture the neon yellow on my ring finger here.

Struggled again with neon yellow

Overall this look was fairly simple to create, you do have to move quick when using studs over a texture polish as you can't add top coat to help secure them: you need to add the studs before the texture starts appearing and press them in quite firmly.  I had to redo my little finger as the studs were loose and as you can see the middle one and bottom one had turned slightly out of place.

I have also tried these studs with top coat too and there was no streaking or colour bleeding from the top coat.

This set is great value, it offers a lot of studs and a neat way to store them.  I often manage to get studs off before I'm about to remove a mani and this allows me to re-use them, so this wheel will last me a long time!

I think this range of studs is quite a fun selection of colours and also the various sizes and the choice or round, square and at least one with both is great.

The code below will offer 10% discount off any purchases made from

Product sent for review, this does not affect my opinion.

Polishes used in this post were - thumb Barry M Ridley Road, index Beauty UK Shoreditch**, middle Beauty UK Printworks**, ring Beauty UK Birdcage** and little finger Barry M Atlantic Road.  The black accent polish is Nails Inc Noho.  The polishes marked** were provided by Beauty UK for previous review purposes, the rest were purchased by me.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Princess Skittlette

This skittlette was something I put together when I wanted to try out a new stamping polish I'd got from Sally Magpie Emporium, an indie by Mentality called Wily.  Wily is a pink with a holo shimmer, and from this mani I found it stamps brilliantly!  Inspired by some recent pink additions I put together a Punky Princess skittlette.

I started out with two pink nails, also Mentality a colour called Mae, and two black a-england Camelot nails.  I added an accent nail of Beauty UK texture polish in Fabric.  The textured nail got some studs (I love texture and studs) the other nails got stamped with two Red Angel plate designs.  I was disappointed with the stamping on my thumb smudging, this is the first time Camelot has let me down.  I didn't even notice it until I was editing the pictures.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Neon with Monochrome Flowers

Yesterday I posted black and white and pink all over nails, alluding to a further post to come.  This is that post, in fact these nails came first and were the inspiration for that mani!

These "tester" nails used a neon skittle rainbow base, then I dotted the flowers using wet n wild black creme (MISTAKE! it streaked horribly with top coat) and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  I've tagged the various polishes in the labels.

Friday, 23 August 2013

What's black and white and pink all over....

After a couple of swatch heavy posts I have some nail art!  I loved this mani!  I've been paired black and white flowers over neons a couple of times recently (at least one further post will be coming with this!) this skittlette was basically black and white and I threw some pink in for a bit of colour. 

To start of I used a base of SpaRitual protein boost, then painted all nails with one coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  I Seche'd the little finger and thumb nails then set to adding pink SpaRitual Imaginarium to three nails, dotting my black shapes on for the flowers with a-england Camelot, then I added the white accents again with MBSW.  I added some Maybelline Chalkdust to my ring finger.  By this time the two remaining nails were fully dry so I used striping tape and Camelot to create the stripes.  I gave it all a few more minutes then topped with Seche.

My little finger smudges when pulling the tape off :(

Thursday, 22 August 2013

SpaRitual Uncomplicated and Comfort - swatches and nail art

**press sample**

I have two polishes from the new SpaRitual Autumn "Share" Collection in this post.  After a couple of swatch heavy days I've decided to show both swatches and nail art together with these polishes.  Share is about slowing down and enjoying simpler things.  The collection has three cremes, two shimmers and a glittery colour.

The following swatches all have three coats, no base or top coats.  Both polishes were wearable after two coats, I added the third to ensure no VNL in the light box.

The first one I am showing is Uncomplicated, a neutral, nude creme.  This leans more towards a toffee nude than a white nude.  On the nail the colour reminds me of a soft, high quality leather bag.

This type of nude polish is perfect for nail art, using Uncomlicated as a base, I dotted another SpaRitual polish, Last Tango for flowers, then using a striping brush I added leaves using Comfort and created the general flower shape with more Uncomplicated.  I will use this when I am looking for a nude base, I don't often wear this shade alone, possibly due to not liking the "mannequin" hand look!

nail art

nail art

nail art

Next is Comfort, a smoky olive green which has a duochrome nature and a shimmer.  Lay your hand on the table and at a glance this looks a soft brown, tilt it in the light and you see both green, golden and orange glows.  Comfort feels sophisticated yet "edgy" at the same time, grown up but different.  I can see this one being worn a lot.

nail art

I decided to combine both Comfort and Uncomplicated for a simple marbled look, the "saran" wrap look (basically bunched up cling film used to take some of a top layer of  wet polish off) but rather than using cling film, I used a packing nut.  Those foam spongy nuts that are sent to protect polish in transit make a great dabber to remove polish and acheive a marbled look.

nail art

nail art

nail art

The marbled pictures do have top coat in order to smooth out the dabbing. 

Having seen the preview pictures of this collection, I am looking forwards to seeing more of the polishes and their finishes, there are a couple of others I'd love to buy once they are available (at the end of August.)  As ever, I love the bottle and the brush, the formulation of the polish and the fact that all the nasties have been removed.  I'm sure I've already pointed out enough in my previous SpaRitual posts that this brand is Vegan friendly.

The polishes will be available within the UK at the end of August from for rest of world I'd check

Now one final bonus if you've stayed with this picture heavy post til now, a quick comparison of some creamy nude colours.  I have about six, but I picked the closest four for comparison, L-R Nails Inc Basil St, SpaRitual Uncomplicated, Color Club Nomadic in Nude and Barry M Lychee.  In the bottle they look similar.

On the nail?  Nothing alike.  I could add a white and use this selection for a neutral ombre (does that even exist?)

What type of Autumn polishes will you be wearing this year?  I think the smoky green Comfort will be a winner for me.