Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Beauty UK Grit FX

**press sample**

Beauty UK are a range carried on the UK high street and offer the latest trends at great value for money: the very first shatter/crackle polish I purchased was a black one by Beauty UK (well I did originally purchase an OPI silver one, but it was rubbish and didn't crackle or shatter) they brand is also easily available to purchase within Superdrug stores, Superdrug online and via the Beauty UK website here.  

Grit FX are from the "posh polish" selection, the posh range has glitters too (one of which looks like a potential dupe of OPI Polka.com) and are priced at £3.49 each.  There are six shades of texture polish, some have a shimmer in them.  The bottle size is 9ml.  All offer fab texture and full coverage in two coats.

All of the pictures below are two coats, no base or top coats.  I'd advise letting the polish dry to it's gritty finish between coats, otherwise it will take a while to dry fully.

Kensington is a nude with a gold shimmer, I was surprised how much I liked this one, it's princess with attitude.

Fabric is a pearlised baby pink with blue shimmer, the blue shimmer is secretive but it's there!  This is another princess with attitude shade.

Printworks is military grey, I have a similar BeautyUK creme in grey and it's my favourite shade of grey. It does lean towards a soft brown in some lights.

Birdcage is a bright pink, the camera struggled with this one.

Banksy is a turquoise / teal colour (and instantly the one hubby picked up and said was a very "me" colour)

Shoreditch was my personal pick of the shades, a fab blue which is reminiscent to a very popular shade of blue....

I loved each of these, they were quick to achieve their textured finish, the brush was fine to work with (only one nail in all of these required any clean up!) the colour choices are great although my winner is defo Shoreditch with it's Baker St blue similarity, I am a sucker for this type of blue.  

I have always been a fan of BeautyUK: I wore Electric Blue on my wedding day, after months of hunting for the perfect polish!  The prices are reasonable and makes the latest fashions more accessible to younger polish lovers or people on a budget.  BeautyUK also have a range of make up and on the website you can find tutorials.

I am really looking forwards to wearing these again and including them in some nail art.


  1. OMG! Saw these the other day but wasnt too sure on getting them! the grey and corally one are calling my name!

    1. I loved them all, the pink/coral one was almost kept on as I liked it too much to take off- but I still had the teal and blue to photograph!

  2. Think my favourite is either Kensington or Printworks.. cant decide!

    1. Given my normal favourite shades, I lean towards the bolder pink, teal and blue. However, I have since worn Fabric again and am yet to wear the others again!


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