Monday, 5 August 2013

Born Pretty Store Water Decal review.

Product sent for review.

Whenever I do a review for the BornPrettyStore I particularly enjoy using water decals, they are quick and easy to use and often provide a design to intricate to stamp or freehand. 

Today's review is the water decal is available in 11 designs, the one I am reviewing is a bow pattern with a variety of placement options, design 246.

I started with a base of Protein Boost and then painted my nails using a-england Galahad.  Once dry I painted them with a-england King Arthur and dabbed off the wet polish for a "saran wrap" effect.  I then placed these decals using tweezers and topcoated.

I find the water decals from BornPrettyStore last well on my nails and as I mentioned above the decals are often designs I couldn't freehand or stamp.  I also like the control a decal provides me for placing it where I want it to be, rather than stamping and hoping I stamp in the right place!

BornPrettyStore have a wide range of nail art items (plus accessories and tools you may find handy if you're just venturing into nail art, like dotting tools and brushes) they also sell things like iPad covers, costume jewellery, stationery, make up and even fashion contact lenses.  All with free international shipping.  I would love to have a play in their warehouse!

If you make any purchases from you can get an additional 10% off any purchases using the code below.

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