Friday, 30 August 2013

Color Club Alter Ego and Alias

I recently got into the local TK Maxx and found the Color Club Alter Ego collection "Keep It Under Wraps" set sitting there - the last one!  Six polishes and a Vivid top coat.  Rather than posting one long post with lots of pictures in it I have broken it down, these are the next two bottles.  You can see my first posts here and here.

The first polish from this collection is the name sake Alter Ego, this one looked almost black in the bottle with a deep shimmer, until it came into the light when it reminded me a little of China Glaze Bogie.  On the nail it came out so much lighter!  This is two coats no top coat.  I think this may have looked better layered over a more opaque base colour as it was very thin.

As a comparison here I left the ring and little finger with two coats of Alter Ego, then added Bogie on my middle finger, Cirque Planet Caravan and the thumb is Color Club Alias, from the same collection.  No dupes here.  If I had realised how pink this was I may have tried it next to OPI Rally Pretty Pink.

Next is Alias, a similar shade.  Alias was the polish which made me really want this set, a deep purple with a green duochrome, hints of gold, orange and blue.  It looked amazing!  Then I got it home and side by side it looked a dupe of Cirque Planet Caravan and I realised I already had something very much like this.

I swatched it and was so disappointed, it took 3 coats, went on streaky and dragged.  The pictures below show the polish with no top coat.  This will be one I'll use over black in future or perhaps a deep purple. 

In the final picture I switched my middle and index finger for Cirque Planet Caravan for a comparison.  Side by side the two polishes aren't dupes, but then neither is the quality of the polishes, Cirque is a one coat polish and applies really well, Color Club is awful, streaky and no comparison.

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  1. Oh dear, I also find the quality of the CC polishes to be very variable. If they could solve that, it would be amazing!


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