Sunday, 18 August 2013

Color Club Ulterior Motive

I recently got into the local TK Maxx and found the Color Club Alter Ego collection "Keep It Under Wraps" set sitting there - the last one!  Six polishes and a Vivid top coat.  Rather than posting one long post with lots of pictures in it I have broken it down and will be posting it over the week.  Across the week I will be making some comparisons as I got home and realiased I seemed to have dupes for all of them!

First up is Ulterior Motive, a pink with micro glitters in both pink and electric blue, it is simply amazing.  It applied well, two coats no top coat.  I think it may have benefited from a third coat to hide VNL.  This was a surprise favourite for me, I am not a massive pink lover or wearer, but this one is something I could easily wear and wear.

The closest polish I had to this was Sally Hansen LCD Byte, I applied two coats for comparison purposes to my index and middle fingers.  Byte is no comparison, the pink isn't so strong, Byte has a major pop over black, but alone it's no comparison to Ulterior Motive.

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  1. I love this polish. In fact, I love all color club polishes, such a nice range! TK Maxx is a great place to find bargain polishes.


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