Saturday, 3 August 2013

Electrum Swatches

Today's post is a polish I bought from SpaRitual last weekend, I ordered it on Sunday, it was delivered Tuesday.  Fab.

Electrum is a golden green from the "Gold" collection, it is currently on sale at £5.50 so I grabbed it before it went after seeing some lovely swatches. Here is the SpaRitual description for this range.....

"Gold. Our worlds most precious metal and the ancient symbol of wealth, its strength is its perfection. The power to captivate has been harnessed for centuries, at the heart of ancient rituals and modern desire. Elemental energy forged by nature, radiating warmth from within.
Radiate your inner light with our special edition lacquer shades in tones of golden green, rose gold, alloy and copper gold blends, infused with real gold particles. Gold is a symbol of a better moment in time, a period of mental growth and general well-being. This special collection will be offered at a higher value due to the infusion of real gold particles."

The polish applied well and was perfect in two coats, the pictures below show three coats (I smudged a nail and ended up adding a third coat to all nails) over a base of SpaRitual Protein Boost, no top coat.

The polish wore really well, very minimal tip wear, with it being a glitter and gold infused polish it took a little more effort to remove than a creme, but without being a bitch to get off (one acetone'd cotton wool pad did all ten nails) so I think it would wear very well over a longer period.

I took a picture of a few similar shades I already had for comparison, but they were so different I haven't shared it. I thought China Glaze Agro may match, but it is ess shimmery and much darker with more olive tones. I also found my W7 planets polish out, the one which was a Peridot dupe, again this seemed more olive. It was also very dull alongside this shimmery gold streaked polish.  Finally I considered W7 magnetic gold, again this just didn't glow and was darker.

I bought this from, they are kindly donating prizes for a giveaway on this blog post, if you are in the UK and haven't yet entered be sure to go and enter! Don't forget you can gain extra daily entries too if you tweet about or share the giveaway.  

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  1. Lovely color, your nails looks stronger ;)
    Thank you for the swatch!


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