Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I Will Rainbow on You by Nail-Lacquer

Last week I posted an awesome UK indie called Heart or Love handmade by Nail-Lacquer UK and sold via her Etsy store.  Today I have a second polish sent for review called I Will Rainbow On You.

IWROY is available in the Nail-Lacquer Etsy store here priced at £5.50 for a full sized 10ml bottle, I couldn't find a listing for a mini bottle at time of writing, but the mini sized polishes retail at £3.50 a bottle for 4ml.

IWROY is quite literally a rainbow in a bottle, it hands down beats piCture pOlish Blogger and W7 Multi Glitter for being my favourite rainbow as it has purple in it!

I decided to try this polish over a light and dark shade in order to capture the rainbow within.  First up is two coats over two coats of OPI What's with the Catt-itude.  No top coat here.

Next is one coat over Wet N Wild Black Creme again no top coat.

This polish is gorgeous, I'm now sold on indies (late to the party!) and have already got my eye on at least three other polishes within the Etsy store.

If you want to purchase anything from Nail-Lacquer you can get 10% off by putting the code TENOFF in at checkout.  The store sells bottle charms as well as polishes.

Now onto the BNB weekly link up.

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