Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pink Skittlette

Since I was sent the Grit FX polishes by Beauty UK for reviewing, I have had all kinds of ideas of skittlette type manis: I love being able to chuck a couple of textured nails in there.  Seeing as I now have some brighter textured polishes I decided to go full on pink!

I used Barry M Grapefruit and Beauty UK Grit FX in Birdcage as my base colours over SpaRitual Protein Boost, I was surprised that they are exactly the same colour, just different finishes!  I added one simple lilac stud at the base of each textured nail using the 2mm square candy colours studs I was previously sent to review.  I stamped over two of the Barry M Grapefruit Nails using Mentality Wily for a soft lilac mesh pattern, and added an accent of glitter on my little fingers using Models Own Hot Stuff.

Finally a claw shot, to show the busted thumb, compared to yesterday's post all the left corner is gone.

The camera was struggling to capture the pink (for some reason pinks look orange and corals look red on this camera, even when I manually set the white balance) so I changed the white balance to auto.... even worse!

The best colour accurate picture was this one taken using flash.


  1. Love this, the pink is very pink isn't it?? I've only seen these twice in my local stores, will have to look out for them :-)

    1. I don't know why the camera refuses to accurately capture the colour! It is a dead match for Grapefruit, but textured :) I haven't been in Superdrug for months so I haven't seen any stands for a while


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