Thursday, 22 August 2013

SpaRitual Uncomplicated and Comfort - swatches and nail art

**press sample**

I have two polishes from the new SpaRitual Autumn "Share" Collection in this post.  After a couple of swatch heavy days I've decided to show both swatches and nail art together with these polishes.  Share is about slowing down and enjoying simpler things.  The collection has three cremes, two shimmers and a glittery colour.

The following swatches all have three coats, no base or top coats.  Both polishes were wearable after two coats, I added the third to ensure no VNL in the light box.

The first one I am showing is Uncomplicated, a neutral, nude creme.  This leans more towards a toffee nude than a white nude.  On the nail the colour reminds me of a soft, high quality leather bag.

This type of nude polish is perfect for nail art, using Uncomlicated as a base, I dotted another SpaRitual polish, Last Tango for flowers, then using a striping brush I added leaves using Comfort and created the general flower shape with more Uncomplicated.  I will use this when I am looking for a nude base, I don't often wear this shade alone, possibly due to not liking the "mannequin" hand look!

nail art

nail art

nail art

Next is Comfort, a smoky olive green which has a duochrome nature and a shimmer.  Lay your hand on the table and at a glance this looks a soft brown, tilt it in the light and you see both green, golden and orange glows.  Comfort feels sophisticated yet "edgy" at the same time, grown up but different.  I can see this one being worn a lot.

nail art

I decided to combine both Comfort and Uncomplicated for a simple marbled look, the "saran" wrap look (basically bunched up cling film used to take some of a top layer of  wet polish off) but rather than using cling film, I used a packing nut.  Those foam spongy nuts that are sent to protect polish in transit make a great dabber to remove polish and acheive a marbled look.

nail art

nail art

nail art

The marbled pictures do have top coat in order to smooth out the dabbing. 

Having seen the preview pictures of this collection, I am looking forwards to seeing more of the polishes and their finishes, there are a couple of others I'd love to buy once they are available (at the end of August.)  As ever, I love the bottle and the brush, the formulation of the polish and the fact that all the nasties have been removed.  I'm sure I've already pointed out enough in my previous SpaRitual posts that this brand is Vegan friendly.

The polishes will be available within the UK at the end of August from for rest of world I'd check

Now one final bonus if you've stayed with this picture heavy post til now, a quick comparison of some creamy nude colours.  I have about six, but I picked the closest four for comparison, L-R Nails Inc Basil St, SpaRitual Uncomplicated, Color Club Nomadic in Nude and Barry M Lychee.  In the bottle they look similar.

On the nail?  Nothing alike.  I could add a white and use this selection for a neutral ombre (does that even exist?)

What type of Autumn polishes will you be wearing this year?  I think the smoky green Comfort will be a winner for me.


  1. I love both of these shades, the nude is super nice worn by itself and I think with one finger polished in Comfort one can get a very high-end mani :)
    Thanks for swatching these!

    1. I'm loving Comfort soooo much at the moment!


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