Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Special FX - Happy happy, joy joy!!!!

Today I have a very special post to share with you courtesy of the lovely people at FX-Nailz who provided these for review.

Many many years ago when my nail polish frenzy was starting out, I bought some nail art products by Special FX from QVC.  They had kits with nail art foils, pens, water decals, pre cut striping tape (back then I never quite sussed out how to use it!) and some fab polishes which included Fickles (what we know now as thermal polishes) and Mirror effect.

I lost most of my Special FX products when I moved but I kept stalking them (unsuccessfully) on eBay, imagine my delight when one of my fellow British bloggers posted a review of a Fickle polish with a link to FX-Nailz!  Even better still they still do many of the fab things I used to love, the Fabulously Funky set has the foils, transfers, nail art pens and some Spangle polishes.

I have three Fickle polishes, a mirror effect and a duochrome polish to share today.  The bottle size for the round bottles is 8ml, I can't say for the sqaure one as it is unlabeled.

First up the mirror effect, this type of polish in general is notorious for showing every flaw, this went on in ONE pale pink coat and looked ace, until the harsh light of the light box exposed ridges. IRL this looked as awesome as I remembered it to be! I suspect this polish will stamp well too.  The following pictures are one coat, no base or top coats, no special prep action taken beforehand (ie no buffing!)

Next the Fickles.  I am blessed with quite warm hands, so some of these may have water splashes where I dipped hands in cooler water to try and change them. I have used one of the polishes below previously and from experience know that when I am out and about my tips go the cool colour and it creates a gradient effect.

The first fickle is purple cold and grey/blue warm.  A smooth semi matte finish, two coats, no base or top coat.

The next is a squishy jelly type of polish with holo glitter flecks, this goes from a deep pink to a strawberry pink.  This is two coats, no base or top coat.

The final Fickle is my old favourite, this goes from pink with silver glitter (cold) to silver (warm) however this one is very thin and woul need a few layers to build coverage si I layered it over the mirror effect shown earlier (I used to pair these!) The silver glitter can feel gritty when worn alone (I am wearing the colour right now with Seche and it feels fine!) The following pictures are two coats, no top coat.

Finally I have a duochrome, the bottle is unmarked so I can't give any more info on what this polish is.  Colour wise it is similar to 2 other rose/brown/orane/green shades I have (one W7 and one Nubar) although this is more pigmented and went on easily in 2 coats, pictures below have no base or top coat.  No tip wear here, just the lighting as I was trying to capture the duochrome shift.

The Fickle polishes can be bought for £4.50 each (plus free postage at the moment) I can't find the Mirror and Duochrome polishes on the FX-Nailz website, but I would recommend using the contact us form if you wanted to get hold of them, the people there are lovely.


  1. I'm a sucker for special-effects polishes. I love the mirror effect polish and even love the color. Pink is not usually a favorite of mine, but that is a pretty shade.

    1. I'm not normally a fan of pink but I loved the pink mirror effect and loved it even more layered with the pink to silver Fickle! I have been wanting my hands to cool down today!

  2. Hi Em. I have been a mostly like long nail biter, since I had teeth basically. I know, bleugh! Anyway I too bought the fickles nail art kits with the foils from QVC many moons ago. I was pleased to find your blog because I've finally grown my nails and drug out the old stuff I bought all those years ago. Sadly many have become unusable and is like to replace them. I loved the ones that changed colour with the temperature of your nails. I'm pleased to find that these can still be found today so I can start replacing my favourites. I'll be following you. Regards Annie.

    1. Aww glad to hear I am not alone in remembering them! I am not actively blogging now, but I do still share nails on my instagram page


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