Thursday, 8 August 2013

Stamping Delight / Protein Boost update

You may have noticed that this week I haven't yet posted an update on Protein Boost results.  This mani was done on Sunday, after 4 weeks and 5 days of usage and will be my update for the week.  Look how long my nails are!  Especially the index finger!

This mani is two coats of SpaRitual Delight, my most favourite of green creme finishes (move over Kinetic Candy, your time is up!) the after allowing drying time I stamped with a Cheeky Jumbo Plate A and a-england Excalibur.  Delight is part of the prize in the current giveaway.

I can't get over how much my nails have grown using the Protein Boost!  You can see the earlier posts about my growth in the Nail Care tab at the top of the page.

And now I have a confession to make... my nails made it to this length and I have now had to re file them back to about the length they were after a week of Protein Boost!   My index finger was showing some V shaped chipping at the tip and there was a faint vertical line of weakness at the tip of my middle finger.  This is all the "old nail" which is growing through from my previous OPI nail care routine.

I can't wait to have grown out the OPI and know I can get back to these lengths and more as I'd really adapted to a longer nail and love the pictures, but I wanted to ensure the nail length was managed by me filing them rather than risking one breaking and possibly tearing down into the nail bed.

When my nails are bare I have the appearance of an odd "ruffian manicure" with a visible line where I changed my nail care.  The area above the line and towards the tip looks a little dehydrated, thin and is suffering from some slight peeling at present.  They are also stained above the Ruffian line (remember this green mani which stained my nails Homer Simpson yellow?) and below the Ruffian line is a lovely normal looking nail, plump and healthy with no sign of peeling or staining.

At my newly filed back length this line is about halfway up the nail, so another 6 weeks and hopefully I will start to have amazing nails as a result of the fantastic strengthener I am now using in partnership with the great oil.  Seeing the line of hydrated vs dehydrated made me realise just how important the cuti cocktail oil has been.

I was sent Protein Boost and Delight for purposes of review, the opinions are my own. SpaRitual polishes are available within the UK via the delivery is superquick and free of charge (unless you register as a trade customer.)


  1. so pretty and your nails are looking great!

    1. Thanks, they were fab but now they're shorties again and I'm missing them!

  2. Lovely! I like the silver and mint together a lot. :)


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