Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Teal and Black texured stripes

Today's nails were a brainwave, I should have been watching a film (we finally went to see Monsters University!) but found my mind wandering as I couldn't get into the film and this idea came into mind.

I have combined creme finish and textures with an accent ringer finger nail of the same shades in holo.

Final picture is "the claw" pose which I don't often use.  I'm glad I took this photo as I was so pleased with my thumb nail.  Sure enough the next day I broke the corner down on it (AGAIN!)  for some reason the corner is a bit vulnerable, the free edge starts quite low on that nail and it often feels bendy.  Nevermind, it'll grow!

I have plenty of teal polishes, for this mani I used a-england Galahad as a base on my thumb and middle fingers.  My index and little fingers started with a base of a-england Camelot.  My ring finger had a base of Kiko 401.  Once the base colours were all dry, I taped off stripes and used texture polishes over the top, the black texure is Nails Inc Noho, the teal texture is Beauty UK Printworks and the holo for the accent nail is Jade Magia.

Just as an aside I actually did these nails two weeks after I did the ones from the post in which I was sulking.  Again I'm seeing some fab results from the SpaRitual Protein Boost, especially the middle finger which was the one I'd broken.

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  1. ooh i love that bottom nail look!! they both look really cool!

    quick do you add that british nail blogger widget to your page? I have nooo idea haha!!

    thanks x

    1. Is it the "british nail blog" one or the tab at the top?

    2. somehow your other comment has disappeared, the widget for the link up is in the British Nail Blogger Facebook group each week a new one is produced and we use it from Wednesday onwards.

    3. Thank you :)! I'll have to check that out and add it to my blog.


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