Monday, 30 September 2013

33DC Day 4 Tribal

Day Four is one of the days I had been debating sitting out.  I do not like tribal designs at all.  I don't like them on people who can do them, nevermind my attempts below...

My attempts started out with Color Club Nomadic in Nude.  I added a stripe of the Dusty Rose and a stripe of the brown from the Beauty UK West End Girls set, dotted Catrice Miss Piggy's BF and used Barry M Black Nail art pen to carve in patterns.  This is topcoated, but it doesn't hide the carvings.  Literally.  I didn't give my base long enough to dry.

Maybe I should have tried a striping brush and polish rather than a pen.

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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Barry M Royal Glitters and Sequin nail paints

Yay for back ache keeping me up, 4am on a Sunday morning... (not!) But it gave me chance to write this post up, so silver linings and all that!

I have been sent three of the glittery / texture polishes by Barry M for review.

L-R Dutchess, Majesty and Black Sequin
The two on the left are from the new Royal Glitters collection which is currently available in Superdrug stores and online at, they will also be available in Boots from 2/10/13.  They retail at £3.99.  The Royal Glitters selection is a range of five textured, glitter polishes with a matte effect.  The black one on the right is from the Sequin nail polish collection and is already available at £3.99 in usual Barry M outlets, there are three colours in the Sequin range to choose from.

The two Royal Glitters are not labelled, so I have had a quick look on Google and (I owe a big thanks to Alice from One Nail to Rule Them All's review with it's amazingly clear pictures) I think I have picked out the names correctly.  If I am wrong please leave me a comment so I can correct it!!

Ok, the Royal Glitters...  WOW!!  These are amazing.  They go on smoothly and give full coverage in two coats.  They apply smoothly and look shiny for a short time, then the shine dries leaving a matte base colour with lots of sparkling glitter and texture, three big trends combined into one.

Dutchess is mesmerising, a combination of pink, silver and gold coming together in one sparkling bottle.  Looking at the pictures it reminds me of rose gold jewellery.

Next is Majesty, a huge surprise to me as I don't normally wear gold, but this is gold I will wear.  I didn't want to take it off!  I kept looking at it, the intensity of the sparkle against matte has to be seen in person to be believed.  Stunning.

it's a bit blurry but you can see the intensity of the glitter

I have seen the Royals likened to OPI Liquid Sands (I don't have any to compare) and Zoya Pixie Dusts.  I only have one Pixie Dust- London- which looks very dull in comparison to a Royal, it doesn't have the same intensity of glitter or the same level of texure.  I do have some Kiko Sugar Mat polishes, which are similar, but Kiko don't shimmer as intensely either.  The Royals are amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on the other three!  The texture of a Royal is a typical texured polish: slightly gritty and raised, but not to the point that it would be difficult to wear or catch on clothes.

The Black Sequin polish is a bit different to the Royal Collection.  I think it was a stepping stone and allowed Barry M to test drive the combination of glitter and texture.  I have to admit, I didn't find it as awe inspiring as a Royal.  Hubby loved this, he says it's different; he loves black though and when I wear a bright nail polish he suggests it would be nice hidden under a black shatter polish or some black stamping.

I can see where the thinking was, and love the idea of black with gold glitter, however it felt a bit grungy when I put it on (remember this is coming from the woman who had a black themed, goth wedding: grungy isn't a bad thing to me, but not something I often wear on my nails!)

I think the black texture alone would have been a perfect black leather polish, adding in the glitter makes it harder to smooth across the nail and in places it seemed a bit lumpy - see my little finger.  The glitter made me think of scales.   Once dry the texture is very raised and I would find it very hard to wear because the moment something is catching or raised I start picking at it: I would pick the polish right off.  I think it would be fair to say this isn't the type of polish you would want to wear when you have tights on as it may snag on them!  I am glad that Barry M continued to try combining glitter and texture as they have done it so well with the Royals!

Products were provided for review, opinions are my own.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Guest Nails - Marie's Skittlette

After my post last Saturday featuring my youngest step-daughter's dotticure, today I have my eldest step-daughter's skittlette.

Marie opted for a take on a skittlette I originally did in May, altering colours to turquoise and black and we used a different stamp (my Pueen stamping plates came today and this image is from one of them.)

For Marie's nails we used Barry M Guava, a-england Camelot and Nails Inc Noho.  The stamping was also Camelot.  I placed the glequins and did the stamping on her right hand, Marie placed the glequins on her left hand and did the stamping on that hand and between us we did the clean up!

Some of the photos are a bit blurry because as we were taking the photos of these nails she saw an email with pictures of the puppies she's choosing from (TWO WEEKS TO GO!) and she got a bit excited :P

More Pueen stamping will be following I'm sure, I love how the images stamped!  Do you think we'll be seeing more of Marie's nails soon?

LilyPad Lacquer Drool Britannia and Mentality Seduce

I have a very special polish to share today, a limited edition Lilypad Lacquer called Drool Britannia made especially for some members of the British Nail Blogger group!  Drool Britannia features red, white and blue glitters in a slightly blue base.  It's amazing!  I have three sets of photos to share in this post, Drool Britannia over China Glaze Fade into Hue, Mentality Seduce alone and Drool Britannia over Seduce.

My bottle of Drool Britannia turned up when I was wearing a Special FX Fickle polish which goes from blurple to pale blue and I couldn't resist trying it over this.  Seeing the pale blue base made me want to swatch it over the same type of colour for proper pictures!

The first pictures are one coat of CG Fade into Hue and one coat of Drool Britannia.  No topcoat.

Next is Mentality Seduce, I've worn this polish but never blogged it.  I found it really hard wearing and application was a dream.  It is a holo but also has small red glitter particles in it, the bottle shot below shows the red flecks.  The holo was quite shy in the lightbox, index finger seems to show it the best!  Pictures below are two coats, no top coat.

Finally are the two polishes together!  Seduce is the perfect companion to Drool Britannia, the two are made for each other!

Both polishes were purchased by me, Seduce is available via Sally Magpies.  Drool Britannia is a very limited edition and I'm not sure if it will ever be available to purchase.

Friday, 27 September 2013

33DC Day 3 -Tape Mani

Day three was a bit of a problem - we didn't have any normal tape in the house, I've used it up updating my swatch sticks!  I resorted to striping tape for this mani and I love it! 

I picked two colours which I have almost identical shades in creme and textured finishes, I used a-england Galahad and Beauty UK Printworks a creme and textured teal along with Barry M Grapefruit and Beauty UK Birdcage, both fab bright pink polishes.  I painted two nails pink and three teal creme finishes applied Seche and once dry I painted the reverse colour over the top and peeled the striping tape off with tweezers.

Love this combo :)  Also the first time I've managed to capture the true colour of Grapefruit and Birdcage (yay for the new camera!!!)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Then and now: dotticure

I decided to do a then and now post showing a dotticure I had previously done and recreating it now.  I can't believe the difference!  The "then" photo is towards the end of the post!

There was exactly a year between doing these two manis (so I found out when I viewed the properties on my first pictures!)  I recreated the dotticure I did using the same polishes as the original - a base of Color Club Nomadic in Nude over SpaRitual Protein Boost.  I dotted with Barry M Gellys in Blackberry and Pomegranate and OPIs in Suzi Says Feng Shui and Jade is the New Black.

When I first did the original I had just got my first Barry M Gellys in the first nine colours released, I loved them all (and still do!)

Looking on these pictures now I can see some very slight dragging from my top coat, I've been looking at them all day on my nails and not noticed any streaking!

Here's the original - a photo taken using my tablet, the flash really affected the colours (it was taken against a brown satin stripe on the quilt cover.)

originally posted here, in case you wish to visit the earlier post and view the horrors of my none existant clean up and pictures taken on my tablet!

Although I really like the then still - it was my first successful dotticure - I love the now!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

33DC Day 2 Most Used Colour Polish

Day 2 of the 33DC is your most used colour polish.  This pretty much combines my top three!

My most used colour (aside from black or white) is Nomadic in Nude as it makes a pretty neat base for nail art.  The other two colours are my favourite shades, teal and purple.

My dotticure is a base of SpaRitual Protein Boost, then I applied a coat of Color Club Nomadic in Nude, the dotting colours were Color Club Shabby Drab and Barry M Guava.  Pictures below are with a top coat of Seche.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Barry M Matte polish and Lash Vegas Mascara

Today I have two new Barry M polishes in a fab waxy matte finish which I was sent for review, along with a waterproof mascara.

The polishes pictured below are Crush on the left and Mocha on the right.  They are part of a range of five new matte Nail Paints from Barry M.

First up is Crush, a gorgeous deep raspberry polish.  Although the polish is called matte, I think it has a more waxy finish, it doesn't dry to the flat chalky finish a lot of mattes do (big thumbs up from me as I prefer this finish!)

I used two coats for the pictures below.  No top coat as I didn't want to ruin the finish.

I love how smoothly this applied, I used no ridge fillers or even base coats under Crush.  It has self levelled into a lovely even finish.  It was almost perfect after one coat, but it definitely needed two to be perfect.

I wanted to try something with Crush, so I applied three large dots in a line down the centre of the nails using a slow drying top coat.  It gave a subtle twist.

Next up is Mocha, a soft chocolatey brown.  Again this is more waxy than matte.   It feels a very "grown up" shade.  I applied two coats over a base of SpaRitual Protein Boost to see if having a base coat would cause any streaking in the application.  It didn't, Mocha came out lovely and smooth too.  The polish evens out so well that it almost looks like a nail wrap strip rather than a polish out of a bottle applied using a brush.

The pictures below are two coats, no top coat.  The odd darker marks at the bottom of my index and middle fingers were caused by me cleaning up at wrong point, it caused a small polish ridge which isn't noticeable IRL, however in the lightbox every flaw shows!!


I decided to try applying top coat with a striping brush to get subtle stripes of shiny finish against the waxy base.

I think I prefer the "buttons" on Crush!!

Both of the mattes I was sent feel very elegant on the nail, almost like buttery smooth leather (not dimpled or grained!) I am quite a fan, I need to use these again (Istill have Mocha on and already I am planning wearing it again!)

Finally I have a mascara.... Now I have to say I am not, nor will I ever profess to be a beauty blogger.  My blog is a nail blog and nails only (apart from these last couple of pictures today!)  I made a vow in the early days of my blogging that I wouldn't be subjecting my nail loving followers to my face!  I've got a couple of extreme close ups of my eye as this new mascara is too good not to feature.

The first up is a picture of how my eye looks au naturale.  This is how my eyes are 75% of the time as I have very sensitive skin, particularly on my eyelids: I tend to only wear eye make up once or twice a week at the moment as I am trying to avoid any new irritation.  I am naturally ginger haired and have pale, sensitive "Irish" skin.  I am so pale I glow in the dark!  I do have quite long eye lashes, but without mascara they are quite a secret.

No make up
One coat and after a good rub, no smudging.
Two coats. I never do my bottom lashes in black as they are too long and it look spidery.

The Lash Vegas Waterproof Mascara really impressed me, it went on smoothly with no clumping.  I had no issues with itching eyes or eyelids.  It lasted the day without any flaking.  After a day's wear I went in the shower, washed my hair and when I rubbed water out of my eyes I expected a black smudge on my finger, stinging eyes, and to emerge looking like Alice Coope (normally what happens with my Max Factor mascara) but no: Lash Vegas held firm, it stayed exactly where it was meant to.  It only came off when I took my remover to it.

Matte Nail Paints will retail at £3.99, Lash Vegas Waterproof will retail at £6.49.  The new autumn range will be available in Superdrug from 25/9/13 (tomorrow!) and in Boots stores from 2/10/13. The new range features a full set of five shades of Matte polishes, five Royal Glitter texture polishes, a Flakie topcoat, a new shade of Nail Paint, Matte Foundations and a number of eyeshadow/blush palettes.

I certainly can't wait to expand my existing Barry M collection with some the other Matte polishes and the Royal Glitters :)

Products were sent for review, the opinions expressed are my own.