Monday, 23 September 2013

33DC Day 1 Dots

Today marks the start of a new 33 Day Challenge, taking us from September through to December.  I'm hoping to keep up however I haven't had the time off and head start which I had in January before the 31DC.

Here's the schedule...

There are a couple which I'm not sure on, not sure as in I don't like (tribal) or don't know where it's going to go (all those country inspired ones?) but that's all part of the fun I guess!

This simple combi, it's a bit halloweeny though as it's orange and black.  

I used a-england Camelot, Barry M Mango and Barry M Black Croc effect.  The pictures below were taken with Color Club top coat.

Although I didn't like the crackle finishes the croc finish is more preferable, I remembered (after doing my left hand) that my preferred smaller crackles happened when I applied a thin, almost streaky layer.

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  1. I like black and orange! it gets me in the haloween mood already! well done :)

  2. I love the combination of black and orange

  3. Love the black and orange color scheme! Your nubbins look awesome too! :)


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