Friday, 27 September 2013

33DC Day 3 -Tape Mani

Day three was a bit of a problem - we didn't have any normal tape in the house, I've used it up updating my swatch sticks!  I resorted to striping tape for this mani and I love it! 

I picked two colours which I have almost identical shades in creme and textured finishes, I used a-england Galahad and Beauty UK Printworks a creme and textured teal along with Barry M Grapefruit and Beauty UK Birdcage, both fab bright pink polishes.  I painted two nails pink and three teal creme finishes applied Seche and once dry I painted the reverse colour over the top and peeled the striping tape off with tweezers.

Love this combo :)  Also the first time I've managed to capture the true colour of Grapefruit and Birdcage (yay for the new camera!!!)


  1. I love the multi texture of this! And that Grapefruit? Wish Barry the Marvelous was easily obtain in the States because that one has gone straight to my wish list.

    1. If it wasn't for RM and their destruction I would have RAOK'd you one. But seeing as they destry both outbound and inbound now I am stuck :(

  2. I love this color combo, and this design really suits your cute little nubbins : ) xx

  3. Love the colors and I love the design! Great job! :)


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