Sunday, 8 September 2013

Baby Blue Polka Dots

Today's nails are a quick dotticure, baby pink with  baby blue dots.  The pink is OPI Pedal Faster Suzi, the blue is Fade into Hue by China Glaze.

Pictures below area taken after topcoating.

I do love a simple quick dotticure! After this picture I had to file right back. (Again!) as my middle finger nail broke three ways: a corner chip, a small tear in side wall and a small vertical tear. Luckily I had enough photos that I could get a week down line before posting extreme shorties! The problem I have had is that since I stopped using Nail Envy I have seen how it made my nails: they were dry and prone to peeling. I previously mentioned my odd ruffian looking nails where my OPI Nail Envy line was growing out, it was visible to the eye although the camera would capture it.  The breaks I am getting now are where some of this horrible nail is reaching the tip, hopefully my plumper nail beneath it (which has been nourished with SpaRitual Protein Boost and their lovely cuticle oil) will be stronger tips!  When I used N.E. all the time I never saw the issue like this, but seeing that actual line on my nails made me realise it didn't suit me.  After 12 years!


  1. Nice cute mani. Can't believe that about your NE use after 12 years! Hopfeully once its all grown out your nails will be everything you want them to be :-)

    1. It's mad isn't it?! But I guess it didn't suit me as much as I thought and they do recommend not using strengtheners all the time don't they?! I have always used strengtheners and probably always will!

  2. So pretty and delicate!!! :D Love this combo and simplicity so much! And your nails are looking really gorgeous! So glad you have found a product that works for you! :)


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