Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Barry M Confetti Effects

I have been kindly sent three of the Barry M Confetti Effect polishes for review, this post has been about a fortnight in the writing though!  The first time I swatched these I wasn't happy with my stumpy nails and decided to allow some growth time before trying again.  Now my middle finger is a little more even and my thumb almost normal shaped I tried again only to find my pictures were "noisy" and there was a couple which seemed blurred.  Third time lucky I hope....

First up is Marshmallow, a pale pink and white bar glitter which is delicate and subtle.  In my pictures below I used one coat of Marshmallow over two coats of Barry M Gelly in Grapefruit.  I didn't use any topcoat for these pictures.


Next is Liquorice, a black and white bar glitter in clear base.  I paired this with my favourite bold teal / blue Barry M Gelly in Guava.  This is one coat of Liquorice over two coats of Guava, no top coat.

Finally, Sour Apple.  Sour Apple is green and blue bar glitter, the colouring of this one reminded me of my sister in law's pet parrot!  I originally paired this with orange which really did remind me of the parrot, however for the newer swatches I put it over Barry M Gelly in Blue Grape, my favourite mid blue creme finish.  This is one coat of Sour Apple over two coats of Blue Grape, no top coat.

What impressed me most was the way the bar glitters lie flat in each of these: I normally avoid bar glitters because I will usually find a stray which sticks up through my top coat I apply then catches on my clothes all day. When this happens I have to use cuticle nippers or tweezers to get it, but usually ruin my nails in doing this.  The Barry Ms didn't have any issues at all though.. I did try and apply them to get a full coverage, but I really prefer a sparse sprinkling of glitter over a full coat.  This is my personal preference. 

The full range of Confetti Nail Effects (shown below) retail at £3.99 each and will be easily available in Superdrug or Boots or online at Barry M.

I am really excited by the newer Autumn Barry M collections too having recently seen press releases on blogs and the first few swatches coming through.  This collection features matte polishes and shimmer texture polishes.  Barry M has to be one of my favourite brands due to availability, reasonable price, range of colours and textures, being ahead of the game when it comes to polish trends and the actual quality of the products.  I find the wear time really good and the coverage provided is always good.

The Confetti effects were provided for review, the Gelly polishes featured were purchased by me.


  1. I really love your colour combos, especially the pink!

    1. Thanks! It's quite funny because on my swatches I used other Barry Ms: Marshmallow with baby blue Blueberry Icecream, Liquorice with the Boots Barry M summer limited edition neon pink and Sour Apple was paired with Mango Gelly finish. But I actually preferred these pairings!


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