Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Barry M Matte polish and Lash Vegas Mascara

Today I have two new Barry M polishes in a fab waxy matte finish which I was sent for review, along with a waterproof mascara.

The polishes pictured below are Crush on the left and Mocha on the right.  They are part of a range of five new matte Nail Paints from Barry M.

First up is Crush, a gorgeous deep raspberry polish.  Although the polish is called matte, I think it has a more waxy finish, it doesn't dry to the flat chalky finish a lot of mattes do (big thumbs up from me as I prefer this finish!)

I used two coats for the pictures below.  No top coat as I didn't want to ruin the finish.

I love how smoothly this applied, I used no ridge fillers or even base coats under Crush.  It has self levelled into a lovely even finish.  It was almost perfect after one coat, but it definitely needed two to be perfect.

I wanted to try something with Crush, so I applied three large dots in a line down the centre of the nails using a slow drying top coat.  It gave a subtle twist.

Next up is Mocha, a soft chocolatey brown.  Again this is more waxy than matte.   It feels a very "grown up" shade.  I applied two coats over a base of SpaRitual Protein Boost to see if having a base coat would cause any streaking in the application.  It didn't, Mocha came out lovely and smooth too.  The polish evens out so well that it almost looks like a nail wrap strip rather than a polish out of a bottle applied using a brush.

The pictures below are two coats, no top coat.  The odd darker marks at the bottom of my index and middle fingers were caused by me cleaning up at wrong point, it caused a small polish ridge which isn't noticeable IRL, however in the lightbox every flaw shows!!


I decided to try applying top coat with a striping brush to get subtle stripes of shiny finish against the waxy base.

I think I prefer the "buttons" on Crush!!

Both of the mattes I was sent feel very elegant on the nail, almost like buttery smooth leather (not dimpled or grained!) I am quite a fan, I need to use these again (Istill have Mocha on and already I am planning wearing it again!)

Finally I have a mascara.... Now I have to say I am not, nor will I ever profess to be a beauty blogger.  My blog is a nail blog and nails only (apart from these last couple of pictures today!)  I made a vow in the early days of my blogging that I wouldn't be subjecting my nail loving followers to my face!  I've got a couple of extreme close ups of my eye as this new mascara is too good not to feature.

The first up is a picture of how my eye looks au naturale.  This is how my eyes are 75% of the time as I have very sensitive skin, particularly on my eyelids: I tend to only wear eye make up once or twice a week at the moment as I am trying to avoid any new irritation.  I am naturally ginger haired and have pale, sensitive "Irish" skin.  I am so pale I glow in the dark!  I do have quite long eye lashes, but without mascara they are quite a secret.

No make up
One coat and after a good rub, no smudging.
Two coats. I never do my bottom lashes in black as they are too long and it look spidery.

The Lash Vegas Waterproof Mascara really impressed me, it went on smoothly with no clumping.  I had no issues with itching eyes or eyelids.  It lasted the day without any flaking.  After a day's wear I went in the shower, washed my hair and when I rubbed water out of my eyes I expected a black smudge on my finger, stinging eyes, and to emerge looking like Alice Coope (normally what happens with my Max Factor mascara) but no: Lash Vegas held firm, it stayed exactly where it was meant to.  It only came off when I took my remover to it.

Matte Nail Paints will retail at £3.99, Lash Vegas Waterproof will retail at £6.49.  The new autumn range will be available in Superdrug from 25/9/13 (tomorrow!) and in Boots stores from 2/10/13. The new range features a full set of five shades of Matte polishes, five Royal Glitter texture polishes, a Flakie topcoat, a new shade of Nail Paint, Matte Foundations and a number of eyeshadow/blush palettes.

I certainly can't wait to expand my existing Barry M collection with some the other Matte polishes and the Royal Glitters :)

Products were sent for review, the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. i love the subtlety of the stripes on caramel, its lovely!


    1. I like the hidden feel! I wore those stripes all day and they were my "secret!"

  2. Wow, your lashes are SUPER long. I like Crush, the dots are a great and simple way to bring a bit of interest.

    1. Thanks :) my eyelashes and brows tend to fade into background on normal day to day basis, but when I properly "put my face on" they're easy to work with!!


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