Thursday, 19 September 2013

Beauty UK Denim FX

Tonight I have swatches of two polishes which arrived in the post today and I couldn't wait to try so here they are! (polishes were sent for review)

Beauty UK have two new "posh polishes" in their collection, this time in line with the current trends they are two denim finish polishes.  I have seen a lot of swatches of various brands denim effect polishes, one of these I have seen on Nihrida just a couple of days ago.  The blogger I remember most for posting about denim polishes is Cazzy of Special Girl Nails and my reason for remembering her post is because she said SHE HAS NO JEANS! OMG! I love my jeans!

Anyhow onto the polishes:

The polishes are called Black Denim and Blue Denim.  They come in 9ml bottles and are available in Superdrug, from Superdrug online and via the Beauty UK website.

The polishes are a matte finish, both go on smoothly in two coats although you could probably get away with one of the Blue Denim.  My pictures below are two coats without top coat (unless mentioned) and I couldn't resist the addition of studs, denim jeans usually have rivets, the studs are my rivets :)

Black Denim is first, it is actually more of a deep silvery grey finish.  Lovely and smooth.  Alas I cannot find my 2mm studs, so the ones below are a bit big for my teeny nails.

Finally one with topcoat, this really brings the shimmer out.

Next is the Blue Denim, I think of the two this is ever so slightly my favourite.  If I had to pick.  But I don't so I can love them both!

At this point you will have to imagine a "claw" photo as the cat came in with a cut having been fighting and the sight of it made me forget...  (he's fine, just a bit clingy now having been "owned" by another cat!  He thinks he's top cat and top dog in the area!)

I had already done the topcoated polish before the matte and studs so I do have this one.... Blue Denim looks amazing with top coat.

Both of these polishes are a great smooth matte texture, but with shimmer so they don't look flat or chalky on the nail.  Again I think these are another example of Beauty UK offering great value, on trend and easily available products (as previously mentioned in the Grit FX review post!)

I mentioned this earlier in the post, these are available in Superdrug, from Superdrug online and via the Beauty UK website.

Products were sent for review, this doesn't affect my honest opinion shared in the post.


  1. These are lovely!

    And I still have no jeans lol

    1. Thanks Cazzy, I always remember my jaw dropping when I first saw your post, even to this day I can remember it. My favourite jeans come from the shop you purchased your polish in, no fancy labels for me!!!!

  2. Look exactly like my Levi's jeans, the blue one ;)

    1. I think of the two I'm leaning towards the blue ever so slightly. I kept this one on and still have it on now. It is almost 24hrs and the polish is wearing well (for me!) I find it pretty impressive as matte finishes tend not to stick to my nails.


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