Friday, 6 September 2013

Blue Skittlette

Today's blue skittlette is a mish mash of my favourite blue polish, some glitter and some texture.  I actually thought this had been posted yesterday, but somehow I forgot to press "publish!"

I used Kiko 336, an awesome blue similar to the infamous Nails Inc Baker St.  I used two coats.  The texture is Beauty UK Grit FX Shoreditch and the glitter is Nail-Laqcuer UK (indie available on Etsy) Heart or Love.

I loved this combination so much that I wore Heart or Love with a blue base again more or less straight away!

Some of the products featured were sent for review, some were purchased by me.


  1. This looks great! Love the blue textured polish, I need more of those, I only have 1 and I am obsessed!

    1. I love them now! My first ones were a couple of the Kiko ones, but I didn't try them for ages, then once I did I wanted loads! Hopefully textures remain longer than crackles did!!


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