Monday, 9 September 2013

Color Club Secret Agent and Masquerading

Before I return to posting nubbins I found this in my drafts from when I picked up the Color Club Alter Ego collection "Keep It Under Wraps" from TK Maxx last month!  Six polishes and a Vivid top coat.  These are the last couple from the collection.

Masquerading was the polish I wasn't really bothered about getting in the set, but when applied it became the surprise of the set, I expected this shade of polish to be brush strokey and frosty, wrong on both counts.  It goes on smooth, slightly matte, no brush strokes and dries really super duper fast.  So fast that when I cleaned up the edges I managed to wrinkle the polish.  This is the only polish I swatched and added the Vivid topcoat to, in order to try and smooth out the wrinkles!

This one goes on in one coat- which makes it a total contrast to some of the others in the collection- I did actually use two coats for the pictures below.  I think this may be a good stamping polish too.

My closest matches to this polish are Leighton Denny Jailbird (shown below on index finger) and InVogue Green Sheen (shown below on middle finger) both of the similar polishes are strokey frosty polishes, no dupes here.  I prefer the Color Club to the two polishes already in my stash.

The final polish which I had yet to post about is Secret Agent.  This polish has a similar finish to Masquerading, it applies well but is slightly more brush strokey than Masquerading.  It is a fab Blurple shade, shown below in two coats without top coat.

This bottle came to me with purple finger prints on the cap and the little drop on the outside, so I think at some point someone has had hold of this bottle in TK Maxx and tried it out, or it lived with a bottle which got smashed.

For comparison I put OPI Purple with a Purpose on my index finger and China Glaze Fancy Pants on my middle finger.  No dupes here, CG is similarly blurple, but a totally different finish.

I was really pleased to find no dupes in my stash after all!

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