Sunday, 1 September 2013

Color Club topcoat review

I have recently been having issues with polish not sticking to my nails.  I even resorted to using my bottle of CND Stickey over my Protein Boost to see if it helped, but no joy.  My nails struggled to get to 24hrs, nevermind last any longer at moment.  

I figured out that it could be my Seche to blame purely by chance - I wore the Born Pretty Orange Holo reviewed earlier this week for two days with just minimal tip wear and realised my issues started when I got my recent bottle of Seche (I think I got a duff bottle this time, when I first got the bottle it seemed too thin and the top coat would pool to the edge of my nail: now my polish is lifting in big patches.)

The mani below was a bit of a wear test (and looked cool too!) to see how the polish would go when topped with the Color Club topcoat that came with my Alter Ego set.  I wore thumb OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, index W7 Khaki, middle Sally Hansen Temptation, ring Sally Hansen Crinolene, little finger China Glaze Tart-y for the Party.  The studs were the Candy studs from BornPrettyStore reviewed earlier this week.

First pictures were taken after 36hrs wear.  After 24hrs of wear I found a tear in my middle finger, smack in the middle which could have been nasty if I hadn't filed it down so my middle finger may look oddly short in the first three pictures!

The next picture was also taken at 36hrs wear, but after I'd filed the other nails back.  At this point of wear-time, when wearing Seche I would normally find the polish lifting and peeling off during filing.

So the answer is the wear test went pretty well, it's made it to 48hrs now with no chipping or lifting (I didn't take a 48hr picture as it would the same as the last one) and the variety of polish brands all held firm, from my W7 cheapie to my more expensive OPI polish.  The studs also all remained in place.  I find the drying time is comparable to Seche, although after I had done this mani I did sit in one place and write a long email to a fellow polish buddy so I didn't really test the dry time too much. The most amazing thing is how it retained a shine and didn't look "thick" on the nail.

I guess I may be switching to Color Club for a while, although I will inevitably return to Seche:  I probably use about six bottles a year, maybe more and it is only every once in a while that I get a poor bottle.

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