Friday, 20 September 2013

Decals from KKCenterHK

Today's review is of some water decals from, an online store specialising in nail art items.

I have two sets of decals, a full nail design which retails at USD $8.52 (according to their currency converter this is £5.28) and I also have a strip design of Colourful Stars retailing at USD $2.82 (£1.75 according to site's built in converter)

The first one I'm showing is the star design.  This is - as the name suggests - colourful, almost cartoon like.  The strips are wide enough that I could cut them into three and easily use them for the width or length of my short nails.  If I had been careful I may have been able to cut them into four per row.

I am showing the decals over two coats of OPI What's With the Catt-itude.  First up about the way to use them.  Please learn from my mistake - I left it on deliberately so show how easier mistake it is to make.  Whenever I do my nails I work from thumb to little finger.  I managed my thumb my "normal" way, when using decals I usually try to lift the design from the backing paper using tweezers so I can place them where I like.  The second nail I did was my index finger and that decal was not lifting off the backing paper even after some  extra soaking, so I flipped it over and applied it the "normal" way, rubbing the backing paper then peeling it off.  Oooops these are only printed on one side!  A couple more were difficult to lift too, but because I'd cut my strips wider than needed it didn't matter if I damaged an edge slightly.

I really like the star decals, they are fun and colourful and so easy to use.  The last photo shows how I added some extra colours to the inside out index finger!

The other product I was sent was the pack of 12 full nail designs.  These are also water decals, meaning that you have a bit longer to get them into place and smooth before you're left with them stuck on: unlike a sticky nail wrap you can move it until it dries.  Our house was quite cold when I did these, so I had plenty of time to position the wrap!

I had some problems on my little finger and my thumb.  I couldn't correct these as I had already torn one accidentally and had two which were far too wide for my nails, meaning I only had ten usuable strips in the pack.

I do like the pattern and the ease of full nail decals, however I do think these full nail patterns are a little expensive and only getting 12 in a pack doesn't mean you have much scope in case you damage any.  Especially compared to the Kiko strips I reviewed last weekend which were a similar price but had 16 in the pack.  The decal seems more a dark brown than a black so please hold that in mind too.

KKCenterHK have a variety of nail art items in their online store.

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