Saturday, 28 September 2013

Guest Nails - Marie's Skittlette

After my post last Saturday featuring my youngest step-daughter's dotticure, today I have my eldest step-daughter's skittlette.

Marie opted for a take on a skittlette I originally did in May, altering colours to turquoise and black and we used a different stamp (my Pueen stamping plates came today and this image is from one of them.)

For Marie's nails we used Barry M Guava, a-england Camelot and Nails Inc Noho.  The stamping was also Camelot.  I placed the glequins and did the stamping on her right hand, Marie placed the glequins on her left hand and did the stamping on that hand and between us we did the clean up!

Some of the photos are a bit blurry because as we were taking the photos of these nails she saw an email with pictures of the puppies she's choosing from (TWO WEEKS TO GO!) and she got a bit excited :P

More Pueen stamping will be following I'm sure, I love how the images stamped!  Do you think we'll be seeing more of Marie's nails soon?


  1. You can be so proud. She did very well! Looks awsome. And she has wonderful nail shape :)

    1. Thank you Sarah, she will appreciate that! Her nails were loads longer a couple of months ago but then she had acrylics (tut tut, lol) back to natural nails now and don't they look fab!


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