Sunday, 15 September 2013

Kiko Ready-To-Go Nail Patch / Wraps

I love Kiko and have been sent these nail wraps to review.

The Ready to Go colour patches retail at £5.90 on the Kiko website and are available in the Kiko store in the Westfield Centre in Stratford (why can we not have a Kiko store in Derby Westfield?!)

(apologies for some slight blurring on pictures, still learning the new camera!)

The pack contains 16 wraps, two strips each containing 8 nail patches in varying widths.  Having short nails can be a bonus at times as I found that one wrap does the nails on my right and left hand!

My application of these is probably not the way it is instructed, but it works for me:  I peel the base layer off so the sticky side is down and then rub it smooth before peeling the top clear layer off.  If I used them without the plastic strip I would make them wrinkle (past experience!)

The colour shown below is Apple Red applied to bare nails, with no top coat.  The nail strips are three in one base, colour and topcoat.

The glossy smooth finish of these is fab.

I love wraps because of the clean defined edge you get around the cuticle!  I did have to use my angled clean up brush and some acetone on my little finger though as the smallest wrap was too thin and the next size too big.

The nail patches feel like wearing normal polish on the nail, sometimes wraps can feel thick or not "right" on the nail.

Here's a brief description from Kiko of the wraps.

Ready-To-Go Patch Nail Lacquer is a special nail strip consisting of base coat, colour coat and top coat combined in a single layer.  Easy to apply, it does not require drying time and is ideal for creating a professional manicure in just a few minutes. Long-lasting finish with maximum brilliance.  Disposable, odorless, can be removed with regular nail polish remover.

The wraps are also available in patterned finishes, leopard prints, glitter gradients and a houndstooth check.

Now as much as the colour looks fine on it's own, I couldn't resist trying them as a base to stamp over...  I hadn't realised you could get them in a black and white houndstooth check patter online, and decided to use them as a base for a black stamp using Konad M63.  I stamped using a-england Camelot and then added a topcoat of Seche Vite.

The wraps are easy to use and odourless, hubby is very sensitive to the smell of polish and usually I will be in one room and he'll be in another so as not to over expose him to the smell, but these were something I could apply at the side of him.

Personally, I probably wouldn't buy the wraps in a plain colour as application of these takes me longer than a couple of quick coats of a plain red would have, with Seche it's not long before you're ready to go.  However when it comes to patterned wraps, I love the leopard designs and the houndstooth and would certainly try them again.  The wear time on these has been pretty good for me, I've not experienced any lifting or peeling.

Kiko can be purchased if you're lucky enough to be near the Westfield or if you want to buy online you can visit the website and order online.  Postage to the UK is free for your first order, although there is a minimum order value of £25. I placed an order online in February when the UK was at a standstill due to snow, which came from Italy and was me within three days!


  1. I love KIKO, I wish they would open stores outside of London. Its not like there are not large shopping centres elsewhere

    1. I agree, there's plenty of opportunities if they widened their reach a little. I'd love to be able to pop into a Kiko store and pick up a polish.

  2. That is a really good point about how the strips don't emit fumes like the liquid polishes do. I had not thought of that.

    1. They do have a very slight smell, but not the overwhelming smell which you notice instantly. My mother in law will often walk into our house, say hell, sniff and say "nail polish!" and look at me! Usually it could be an hour since I did my nails and I don't notice! The very slight smell is so insignificant I was able to sit with hubby, watching a film with half an eye and doing my nails with other 1.5!


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