Saturday, 28 September 2013

LilyPad Lacquer Drool Britannia and Mentality Seduce

I have a very special polish to share today, a limited edition Lilypad Lacquer called Drool Britannia made especially for some members of the British Nail Blogger group!  Drool Britannia features red, white and blue glitters in a slightly blue base.  It's amazing!  I have three sets of photos to share in this post, Drool Britannia over China Glaze Fade into Hue, Mentality Seduce alone and Drool Britannia over Seduce.

My bottle of Drool Britannia turned up when I was wearing a Special FX Fickle polish which goes from blurple to pale blue and I couldn't resist trying it over this.  Seeing the pale blue base made me want to swatch it over the same type of colour for proper pictures!

The first pictures are one coat of CG Fade into Hue and one coat of Drool Britannia.  No topcoat.

Next is Mentality Seduce, I've worn this polish but never blogged it.  I found it really hard wearing and application was a dream.  It is a holo but also has small red glitter particles in it, the bottle shot below shows the red flecks.  The holo was quite shy in the lightbox, index finger seems to show it the best!  Pictures below are two coats, no top coat.

Finally are the two polishes together!  Seduce is the perfect companion to Drool Britannia, the two are made for each other!

Both polishes were purchased by me, Seduce is available via Sally Magpies.  Drool Britannia is a very limited edition and I'm not sure if it will ever be available to purchase.

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