Monday, 2 September 2013

Misa Office Polish-tics & Single and Ready to Limbo

Today I have two Misa polishes which I have been sent to review.  I was very excited about the chance to try Misa as they are a brand I have often seen and wanted to try, but never actually been able to buy.

First up is Office Polish-tics.  This is a Gr-ue shade, a grey blue which is amazing on the nail.  It was perfect in one coat, however out of "normality" I added a second coat, to see if there was any additional depth gained from doing this.  The polish was very shiny, dried amazingly quick (although I did knock my little finger trying to wrestle the cat away from a piece of raw bacon which had dropped on the floor...) and very pigmented.  So much so that I think it may be a good stamper.  The picture below has no top coat.

Next up is Single and Ready to Limbo.  This glossy red is a blue based red and actually a shade or two deeper than the picture below shows.  This was also perfect in one coat, although I used two and left the top coat off for the pictures so the shine is all from the polish.  The polish did get on my cuticles as I had a terrible shake at the time of application as I wasn't feeling well.  It was only when editing I noticed the polish on the tip of my thumb.

As the two polishes were so pigmented I decided to add a stamp of Single and Ready to Limbo over Office Polish-tics.  It stamped really well, shame my positioning was a bit wonky.  The stamp design is from Cheeky mega plate A.  This one is topcoated with Color Club top coat.

I have been sent these by NSI Nails, you can't actually buy them on-line unless you are a trade customer, however you can buy them by ringing NSI on their Free-phone number 0500131009, stating you are a customer buying for personal use, in which case they retail at £5.00 and I believe the postage is free for personal customers.  If you want to see the range you can view them on the NSI website here.

The polishes I tried were both a generous size and so pigmented that they went on in one coat.  I think that now I know I can get Misa within the UK I will probably start to add them to my collection.


  1. Love that Office Polish-tics, its a great colour.

    1. The thing that made me smile was when I picked up a family member's inhaler the blue / grey cap was a perfect match. I didn't write that in the main blogpost as it doesn't sound very exotic does it, inhaler cap blue...

  2. cool, thank you for the tip ;) I've always bought Misa on the exhibitions and didn't know about any other source :)

    1. It's really good to know we can get them elsewhere - I've never been to any exhibitions (I think I would spend far too much if I did!)


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