Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My Basic "Must Have" items

Recently I've picked up my basic "must have" items as they'd all seemed to run out at the same time.  I thought I'd dedicate a post to them to share what I'm using at the moment.

The picture above shows my mini bottle of acetone which I actually bought ages ago, being a small glass bottle it is ideal to refill from my big bottle of acetone on the right and use for clean up.  I buy 500ml bottles of acetone (pictured on the right) from Amazon for about £5.50.  I usually fill up my little bottle then mix up a glycerin / water mix in the big bottle for normal removal.  The "recipe" I follow is from Lacquerheads of Oz.  The last big bottle I  mixed up has lasted me for four months, costwise it makes it about the same as buying the smaller bottles monthly from the supermarket however I find the combination more effective.

My clean up brush has lasted me ages, it's still got some life in it but the bristles are starting to bend a bit at the tips so I got two more.  I get these from Amazon for about £3.50 each, it's Royal & Langnickel's eyebrow brush.  I have had two of these so far this year and the second one is still going strong.  I murdered the first one when I trimmed it with scissor, I think it would have lasted a lot longer if I hadn't trimmed it.  The only fault I can pick with this particular brush is that if you forget and dip it too far into the acetone, then pull it out the area I naturally grip is painted black and the acetone on the paint means I am left with black fingers!  If I dip just the bristles and metal part it's fine.

In the centre is my strengthener of choice, SpaRitual Protein Boost.  I still had loads left in my current bottle, but my hoarder instinct made me want a back up bottle.  And as there were some in the sale section on the website (I think it's due to the outer packaging changing) I grabbed some.

The picture above is my cuticle oil of choice, as with Protein Boost the Cuti-Cocktail was in the sale section so I actually bought two!  I have to admit that I have now started to bastardise my bottles of the Cuticle Oil, I have washed a load of old OPI Avoplex Oil brushes off and as the screw thread is same size I now use a brush to apply the oil rather than the dropper.  I find it much quicker and that I use the right amount of product with a brush than a pipette.  

On the right is my handcream of choice, it's either 85p or 75p from Aldi, despite it being for "normal" skin and being fragranced I find it really helps my eczema prone, sensitive skin.  It's not massively greasy and I use it regularly through the day when I'm at work.  I'm a bugger for forgetting to use it at the weekends though, despite having three tubes around the house!

I forgot to throw my cheapy cotton wool pads from Aldi into the shot, but when it comes to cotton wool for removing polish I tend to pick up the cotton wool in Aldi or Lidl.

Finally I have some recent polish purchases which haven't made it to the blog yet, these are from Sally Magpie, we have a Layla Softtouch in pink (I think I once saw this on Sally's own blog when she did a wear test) Layla Holo in Coral Glam which actually seems a more nude holo than an orangey pink.  I have worn it and didn't get photos.  Mentality Tickled caught my eye as it's pink and gold micro glitters, I haven't worn it yet so I'm not sure if it is a full coverage or a scattered glitter.  Finally on the right is Catrice I'm Dynamite, I haven't worn this one yet either but I'm thinking if it needs undies the hot pink on the left will go well.  I have purchased one other polish this month, SpaRitual Blue Moon.  I wore it once but it wasn't a mani I got photos of.

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