Thursday, 19 September 2013

Nailtopia Nail Art Stickers Review

This review has taken a bit longer than anticipated as I did it twice!

I have kindly been sent some "instant nail art" stickers by Nailtopia to review.  I have a further two packs which I will be reviewing a little later on, perhaps in early October as they are Halloween (and very exciting designs too!)  The design below can be found here on Nailtopia's website where they retail at £3.25, this particular design is also available in a white swirl.

quick nail art

First up are my initial impressions - please don't make my mistake! - I thought they were full nail stickers on a pink background, so for my first set of nails I did for the review I was trying to find a perfect pink match in case they were too narrow...  After my nails were dry I opened the packet and realised the pink nail shapes were on the cardboard and the stickers were on a separate sheet (doh!)  I applied them over my pink nails and took the photos and they were.... a little plain, the pink looked washed out in the bright lighting used for my photos.  When I realised my base could be anything, the possibilities opened right up and I considered a gradient base, but in the end I opted for a saran wrap base of two colours, Barry M Grapefruit and Color Club Shabby Drab.

I found the stickers were very sticky (wow I sound so intelligent in this review!) the moment the sticker was on my nail it adhered, this was a slight problem on my middle finger, I applied two and the one nearest the tip wasn't quite where I wanted it to be, however once it touched the nail it was a too late to move it about: my nails were still pretty recently done, moving the sticker may have ripped the polish up.  On a totally dry nail you may be better placed to do this.

The stickers lay flat (apart from the raised diamonte and silver dots) and stuck firmly on, they look like you have spent ages freehanding a swirl.  I change my nails daily so I can't comment on longevity, but given how well these stick and the fact you seal them in with top coat, I imagine it will be as long as your base / topcoat usually allow your polish to wear.

I loved the way you can add a bit of interest to a plain mani or add even more interest to a not so plain mani quite quickly without a lot of work.  As the packaging says "life's too short for boring nails"  and these stickers provide a quick and easy way to get your nails done. are based in the UK and specialise in easy to use, professional quality nail art items, as well as their nail stickers (including a fab range ready for Halloween!) they stock nail polish, stripers, studs, decals, glitters and even have party packs.  They also have dotting tools and brushes and postage is free on orders over £10!

The stickers were sent for review, this doesn't affect opinion expressed.


  1. Hi Emma, lovely nails! The saran-wrap detailing is really effective - must give this a try!

  2. Thanks Julia, it's certainly worth trying. I have achieved the same effect using foam packing nuts too, just make sure whatever you use that your base colour is fully dry, otherwise you lift that colour too when dabbing!

  3. Foam packing nuts! I would never ever ever have thought of that!!!


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