Thursday, 26 September 2013

Then and now: dotticure

I decided to do a then and now post showing a dotticure I had previously done and recreating it now.  I can't believe the difference!  The "then" photo is towards the end of the post!

There was exactly a year between doing these two manis (so I found out when I viewed the properties on my first pictures!)  I recreated the dotticure I did using the same polishes as the original - a base of Color Club Nomadic in Nude over SpaRitual Protein Boost.  I dotted with Barry M Gellys in Blackberry and Pomegranate and OPIs in Suzi Says Feng Shui and Jade is the New Black.

When I first did the original I had just got my first Barry M Gellys in the first nine colours released, I loved them all (and still do!)

Looking on these pictures now I can see some very slight dragging from my top coat, I've been looking at them all day on my nails and not noticed any streaking!

Here's the original - a photo taken using my tablet, the flash really affected the colours (it was taken against a brown satin stripe on the quilt cover.)

originally posted here, in case you wish to visit the earlier post and view the horrors of my none existant clean up and pictures taken on my tablet!

Although I really like the then still - it was my first successful dotticure - I love the now!


  1. The photos are just so amazing now! I also have old photos before I learned about using a brush for cleanup, but my newer pictures are not as lovely as yours. Congratulations on great photography!

    1. Aww thank you :) the photography on my blog has changed very gradually, first to using a proper camera, then a lightbox, then a better camera, then the better camera with the tripod and now the DSLR, which both Hubby and I are learning to use for photos other than nails. The new camera seems to be a great investment as it's really pulled my blog pictures to a better level! I have actually recently completed a draft post about my photography set up due to go live at some point during the next week or so :)


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