Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Beauty UK Gel FX - picture heavy post.

Today I am excited to share some swatches, stamping and other stuff using four of the new Gel FX shades from Beauty UK.

I have been sent Midnight Iris (navy blue) Crimson Red (deep vampy red) Blue Himalayan (amazing mid blue) and Cafe Cosmos (described as greige) for review.  Gel FX polishes offer a silky and smooth finish, high coverage formula, vivid shades, a high gloss finish and a plumping agent to make the nail appear fuller.  They also self level wonderfully!  I have been impressed by these, easy to apply, two coats and they are perfect, the brush is easy to conttol so very little clean up was needed!  I am going to try a wear test and will post a further about these one I have.

First up some plain swatches of the polishes... all two coats, no top coat. The odd positioning of my watermark is due to finding a random cut on my finger. It happened whilst sitting at my desk and I have no idea how- perhaps the stapler bit me?

Cafe Cosmos

Blue Himalayan

Midnight Iris

Crimson Red

The first question I had with these polishes was "will they stamp?"  I painted half a nail white and half black then tried stamping with each polish.  I used my XL Squishy stamped and a Pueen stamping plate. As you can see the darker colours were less successful over black, which is to be expected.  Top coat on all the rest of the pictures in this post to smooth out.

Then I tried Cafe Cosmos over Blue Himalayan, but only got one decent transfer as for some reason the stamper wouldn't pick up the design.

So pretty good coverage for stamping, I think the slight patchiness was more from my scraping.

Next some gradients using a base of Cafe Cosmos, the index is dotted using the other colours.  As you can see the more vampy blue and red appear brighter, I love how they came out at the tips. Also all the polishes are pigmented enough to dot well.

Finally a dotticure using a base of Blue Himalayan dotted with Cafe Cosmos.

As usual, Beauty UK are offering on trend, quality nail polishes at a great value price point.

The polishes retail at £3.49 from Beauty UK online and Superdrug is my usual haunt to find them.  I love them and will be searching down the remaining two colours in shades of pink and red very soon!

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  1. Wow this is a brilliantly in depth review! I have some beauty UK polishes I really love already, I think I'll give these a try!


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