Sunday, 13 October 2013

Guest Nails: Chel does a skittlette

As I am still high as a kite on my drugs and suffering with my shoulder, my youngest step daughter, Chelsea has kindly done her nails and posed for pictures for this guest post!

The skittlette below combines a couple of ideas she has seen on my blog posts but is all her own work.  As I mentioned in her previous guest post, Chel is 14 and is just starting a GCSE course in Hair and Beauty, so she is enjoying learning some new nail techniques at home too!  She did everything from gradient to glequin placement (with a little help) and the stamping!  She then got the brush and did some clean up too with out any prompting :)

This skittlette is another one of her beloved black manis, I threatened to make her use neon pink next time....

The stamped nails were done using a-england Perceval and OPI Black Cherry Chutney, the stamp was a Pueen design and stamped with Konad Black (with super easy Squishy XL stamper!) the glequin nail is a base of Wet N Wild Black Creme and red glequins purchased from Born Pretty Store.  The textured nails are Nails Inc Noho.


  1. Nice job, love the stamped nails - they are really beautiful

  2. good job! really nice colours x

  3. Chel, what a great job you did! The red to black gradient is well executed and you stamped like a pro! Plus you make a great hand model (tee hee). Don't you just LOVE Noho. Don't listen to Em, wear all the dark colors you want! Keep up the good work and take care of Em for us!


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