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Guest post: The Lacquer Loving Lawyer review of Avon Saturn

After a busy week I am back to posting every other day whilst this shoulder is continuing to be a nuisance. I have a guest post today from one of my favourite bloggers, someone who inspired me to blog. I have a very different style to her (short nails, less detail in my posts) but I love her posts and value her opinion on wear times, finish and ease of application. Over to The Lacquer Loving Lawyer with one of the Avon holos I have been trying to find out more about!

**Purchased by Me**

I am so honored that my friend Emma asked me to write a guest post for her blog!  I love her blog!  I especially love her dotticures, stamping, and her creative combination of colors.  This is my very first guest post on someone else's blog, and I'm so pleased it's for Emma because she's my nail polish blog bestie and has become a very close friend even though we only know each other through e-mails because we live on different continents and are several time zones apart.  We laugh that we're almost like science fiction alternate universe twins because similar things happen to us and to our husbands, and we think the same things at the same time.

I chose to review Avon's Saturn, a burnt orange scattered holographic polish in their Cosmic line of scattered holo polishes, because I am obsessed with orange holographic polishes.  It's also such a nice polish for this time of year. 

I bought the polish after seeing a review of Saturn in a post on The TraceFace Philes blog.  The polish is still available on her Avon website here, and it's on sale for the clearance price of $3.49.  There are other colors in the Cosmic scattered holo line, and they are also on clearance.  Buyers outside the United States can contact Traci through her blog, and I think she will ship the polish to you as a blog sale purchase and bill you through PayPal, although I don't know how UK buyers would be affected by the recent Royal Mail polish ban.  The option for buyers outside the U.S. is at the bottom of her review of Saturn here.  Traci often posts codes on her blog for free shipping and other discounts on her Avon website, so definitely read the last few posts on her blog to check for discount codes if you're thinking of placing an order.

I had no issues with application and barely needed any cleanup.  I applied two coats, and there was no balding, dragging, bubbling, or any other problems with either coat, although I advise that you be careful to wipe your brush to avoid picking up too much polish and flooding your cuticles.  I used Seche Vite topcoat and the day after applied Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat, and the scattered holo effect is not dulled at all.  I didn't get tip shrinkage from the quick-dry top coats, but I did try my best to wrap my tips with both the Saturn polish and with the top coats.  The only advice I can offer relates to the bottle cap.  The bottle cap is square.  Those caps annoy me because I try to line them up with the bottle when, like in this case, the bottle also has squared edges.  I squeezed too tightly and cracked the inner part of the bottle cap where the threads that grip the regular bottle cap are located.  I had actually tried to separate the square cap from the regular round brush top underneath because then it's so much easier to just drop the square cap top on in perfect alignment, but I was not able to separate the two.  Anyway, the bottle cap is square, but the brush is flattened, and in order to align the brush properly while applying polish, you have to hold the bottle cap diagonally which feels strange.  If the brush cap is too distracting, though, you can always use any brush from any old emptied out bottle that you've cleaned.  I have tons of empty bottles with nice brushes that I can use whenever a mini bottle's brush isn't long enough or large enough, etc.

I am still wearing the polish right now, and it's day four.  I have had no chips or tip wear, and the manicure looks as fresh as it did on the first day.

All photos were taken with my iPhone 5.  Despite trying and taking many photos, I was unable to capture what the polish truly looks like.  The polish has a dimensional glow and a micro-sparkle that doesn't come across in my photos.  The macro shots below show a very interesting almost fuzzy-looking pattern, but in real life the polish just looks like it has perfect pinpoints of sparkle, like the most gorgeous car paint.




Indirect Sunlight (Shade)

There is no texture or "fuzzy" effect in real life.


Blurry, but this photo shows the golden flash the most.

Indirect Sunlight
Blurry, but it's the closest I got to showing the pinpricks of sparkle, like in gorgeous car paint.

I would love more visits to my Lacquer-Loving Lawyer Blog's Facebook Page and my Lacquer-Loving Lawyer Blog, so I hope you click through and take a look!

**Purchased by Me**

Thanks to the Lacquer Loving Lawyer for taking the time to do this, see how thorough her posts are! I agree we are like some randomly placed twins, her birthday was my due date, but being impatient I arrived early! Be sure to take a peek at her blog, there was a gorgeous Emily de Molly on there earlier this week.

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