Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Nailtopia Nail Sticker Review

Nailtopia have provided these Nail Stickers for review.

As it is now October 1st I am showing some Halloween Nail stickers.  I've sat on these waiting to use them for a couple of weeks as I couldn't bring myself to post about Halloween in September!  Last year at Halloween I did some rubbish stamping and was really disappointed with it.    This year I am enjoying the idea of Halloween as I can create some awesome manicures using the Nailtopia Nail Art Stickers.

Nail art stickers are so quick and easy, paint your nails then once they are dry, stick them on, add some top coat and you're ready to go!

The stickers below look slightly raised, however in real life (away from the light box) they look smooth and the sticker line is not so visible.

Set One

Set one is Zombie Doll, these retail at £2.99, this set is quite a light hearted cheery looking Halloween set with smiling ghosts, brightly coloured pumpkins, trick or treat and sweets and of course the zombie doll herself.  I've not really gone with any themes on these nails, just nice bright coloured bases (all Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes) and then added the stickers.  The only nightmare here is Fairy Teal on my middle finger, a nightmare because it stains on removal!

I loved the lighthearted set, the cat which is described as evil looks more frightened to me, I love the last nail shown the most from this selection!

Set two

Set two is Haunted Nails, this also retails at £2.99 and this one is the more spooky of the two in my opinion.  This set has pumpkins, haunted houses, witches on their broomsticks, graveyards and bats.

This set made me wish my nails were at their longest again (shaking my fist at the bed I moved and broke my nails on!) as I wanted to put so many on my "scenes" with these!

I painted three nails orange using Barry M Mango, then sponged on Indigo and Watermelon to create an evening skyline ready to create my scenes. 

My favourite from this set was the combination on my middle finger, using the haunted house, fence and tree.  I did use a gravestone and the witch on my ring finger, but as my nails are still quite short the witch ended up sitting on the headstone!

In Summary
Both sets are quick and easy ways to create a fab look for Halloween, in fact there are that many individual stickers per pack that you could actually create more than one manicure with them.  I still have plenty of stickers left over, so in the run up to Halloween you will probably see some more of these on my nails :)   They are reasonably priced at £2.99 and there are other Halloween designs to choose from, one of my favourites is Tattoo You with skulls and rock tattoos, I'd wear those all year round.  There are even some party packs!  Shipping is free on orders over £10. I've been looking at the Christmas stickers already (too soon!) and hopefully will be able to pick some up and have some fun for Christmas too!


  1. You should enter these in a contest! I love the orange/purple gradient background and the stickers you used on those the most.

    1. The orange/purple gradient was a brainwave moment I had as I was dropping to sleep one night, good thing I remembered it the next day!


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