Saturday, 30 November 2013

British Nail Bloggers get rubbed

I am a member of the British Nail Blogger group on Facebook, earlier this week I stumbled over a post in there about lip rubbing and was a bit confused.  Nada of Penguins Left Green Polish explained that it is when you find yourself rubbing your polished nails on your top lip. I don't do that, but then later that evening I found myself absent mindedly, thinking deeply and realised I was rubbing my thumb nail, polished side downwards in the middle of my bottom lip!  So I am a polished lip rubber!  Others said they rub nails against nails or simply just rub the polished side of the nail with another finger when in thought.  I actually do all of them....

A few of the girls in that group thought it may be fun to put together a list of our top five polishes we rub with!

At this point I would clearly like to state that rubbing your lips with a polished nail is not a hobby I would condone as rubbing your lips with polished nails could potentially lead to ingesting of chemicals or some random dermatitis which causes your lips to balloon and not be good for your health.  This post is intended to be a fun post about something we all realised we did without even knowing!

I haven't had time to reswatch so any pictures below will be older manis already shown.

5 - Rimmel Space Dust
Shown below is Moon Walking on my index finger.

The Rimmel Space Dust polishes are probably the roughest textured polishes I own, this means that whenever I wear one of the three shades I own, I find myself constantly aware of the texture and doing all three of the rub types I mentioned at the start!  Rimmel's rough texture makes it a great exfoliator for the lips, so add a little lip balm and buff away all the dry, dead skin cells leaving yourself with a plump, refreshed looking pout.

4 - Nails Inc Black Leather Noho.
Noho is used on my middle and thumb nails in the picture below

Noho was the very first of the textured polishes I ever used, it's subtle raised texture and almost plasticy finish made it and instant magnet to by bottom lip, I love the friction it generates when other nails rub against it, My finger pads are often found exploring the textured nature circling gently over it and sometimes it even excites me so much my tongue gets some action with it!

3 - Layla Soft Touch
Below is Marshmallow Twinkle, a very old photo...

Layla Soft Touch polishes are somewhere between matte and velvet in their finishes, I have three of them in silver, lilac and neon pink.  They dry quickly and are pretty hard wearing.  The texture of these is ideal for an absent minded rubbing session, not too rough to cause any damage.

2 - Barry M Matte Nail Paints
All polishes shown below are the Matte Nail Paints, Caramel isn't included.

With names likc Mocha, Espresso and Caramel the Matte Nail Paint range sounds like it should be eaten!  I find myself exploring it constantly when I wear it, be it a rub on the lip, nail against nail or fingerpad on nail.  Very smooth and velvety, they are the Galaxy chocolate bar of a lip rubber's polish stash!

1 - Glisten & Glow HK Girl
Shown below over a mani posted earlier this week

My number one and most used polish for this type of activity is always going to be my top coat as I don't always wear a textured or matte polish.  I do wear polish daily and in most cases with top coat on it, so this wonderfully smooth, glossy, quick dry top coat is my most used and number one polish for this activity.

A little serious note after the frivolity...

I have been rubbing my lips a lot of late, whilst deep in thought.  Over the last six weeks or so my blog has been a little neglected by me, I have allowed posts to auto publish on a schedule and approved comments without replying to them.  I've been a bit down and introverted and not bothered to do anything much...  I've been like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.  I think it all started when I hurt my shoulder and then needed time off work and I couldn't really do anything (not least my nails) and I simply fell out of the swing of things with life in general.

As things are now, my shoulder is finally fixed up (still a little sore from time to time but no longer needing buckets of painkillers just to get out of bed) I've returned to work and I'm fighting back from this little grey and gloomy cloud.

I hope to have some time this weekend to catch up on the Ab Fab challenge, I'm not even going to attempt to catch up on the 33dc as that's almost over now and I didn't get a third of the way into that.  Next week is December so there are one or two (cough five) Christmas mani's I have done already but sat on until December and now is time to kick myself up the bum and get back into things.  Thanks to all my lovely family and fab polish buddies who've been trying to lift my spirits and cheer me up whilst I've been a bit gloomy!

Back to frivolity, innuendo and lip rubbing - the lip rubbing collaborative can be found here, be sure to check out the other British Nail Bloggers choices for rubbing.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Nail Mail and a bit of kitty spam.

Here's a couple of phone pictures of some nail mail I got recently. I didn't have chance to set up the light box or take any "proper" photos.

Firstly some Mentality polishes from Sally Magpies, Sailor and Hero and both matte polishes, Hard Candy and Distinct are both fab holos, I foresee some comparisons being made with these two holo polishes and some others in my stash to see if there are any dupes.

This little treasure was an eBay purchase.  I was outbid on Rumple's Wiggins, I was hoping to build my Shrek polishes!  I must say that this blue along with Shrek itself are probably both duped by China Glaze's I already have.  I haven't actually got the Shrek or Fiona colours, so now I have half of the Shrek collection!

Finally here a bit of Kitty spam!

He'd been a bit grumpy and tried to bite me so I got my revenge by putting his toy between his legs whilst he was sleeping so it looked like he was cuddling it and snapping this picture! He's normally so good natured but not on this day!

He loves being snug, he cuddled up to me and was so happy with this fleece blanket.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

SpaRitual Flamenco and Jazz

***Press sample***

Today I have two polishes from the SpaRitual Dance collection to share.  I had hoped to share these sooner but had a few issues uploading the photos.

The Dance collection is a seasonal range of textured, shimmering finish polishes.  As soon as I saw these in the bottle I was wowed!

SpaRitual nail polishes are ones I always enjoy using, I love the bottles (recycled glass, designed by Ferrari, ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing) the brushes are great (rubberised handles, great control and good size) the polishes are quick drying and hard wearing and the formulations are free from nasty stuff and Vegan society approved.

Onto the swatches... extreme nubbiny nails ahead, when I went away at the end of October I picked my polish off twice, my nails are now making me pay by breaking and needing some TLC.

First up is Flamenco, a pink textured polish with a blooming gorgeous gold glitter spun through it.  Two coats, no top coat apart from final picture when I added a layer of HK Girl Top Coat.  So much sparkle the camera went crazy!!!

After one coat of HK Girl it wasn't totally smooth, but I wore it this way for the next 24hrs, it wore fine, no chipping or damage.  Removal was a little harder than a normal polish but no where near as tough as a glitter, to give you an idea I normally can remove polish from all 10 nails using two cotton wool pads, Flamenco with top coat needed three to do both hands.  I loved the gold shimmer.

Next I have Jazz, a black textured polish with silver glitters.  I used two coats below on all nails apart from my index, I smudged that and added a 3rd layer to smooth out but this didn't seem to dry textured for me (I have had this same problem using Kiko Sugar Mattes, I suspect it's more a fault of the heavy handed oaf applying it than the polish itself...)  The final picture is with top coat.

When I applied my first coat of Jazz I was a little sceptical if it would really go on in two coats, but it did and it was perfect.  The brush control means there was very little clean up needed.  As with Flamenco, removal was not much tougher than a normal glitter free polish.

I will try to get a comparison of Jazz and Kiko 646 done at some point, I think the textured effect is as strong in Jazz, but without being quite as rough as the Kiko.  If memory serves me correctly I wasn't a big fan of the Kiko due to the thick formulation and the brush splaying as it goes in the bottle.  The SpaRitual textures aren't as pronouncedly rough as the Rimmel SpaceDust polishes I recently tried out which is a tremendous win for me, I struggle after I use the Rimmel as they are almost like having emery boards strapped on your fingers and rub against things and my instincts are to reach for the acetone and take it off.

The Dance collection has a total of six colours, be sure to go and see Claire at Kerruticle's swatches of Cha Cha Cha as they look amazing, it's another gorgeous colour! are the UK distributors of these polishes and you can click through to their website.  For all other countries you can visit for more information on where to purchase.

Polishes were provided for an unbiased review.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Absolutely Fabulous week - Saffy

Missy of Gnarly Gnails asked in the Facebook group Polish Passionistas if anyone would be interested in an Ab Fab challenge.  I used to love that programme back in the 90s so I thought I'd give it a go.  I haven't watched it for years though so I can't draw on any particular episodes, I'm going to a series of inspired by nails based on images for the characters available online.

First up is Saffy, for those who didn't watch the series Saffron - or Saffy - was the sensible daughter played by Julia Swalha. Saffy would be the one to tell her mum off.  I've taken inspiration from her jumper in the picture below.

Image was a screenshot from Google images, can't find it to link back
For these nails I took the idea of the grey background with the rainbow dots.  I could have tried to draw sheep, but the dots appealed to me more.

Polishes used were:
Base - SpaRitual - Protein Boost
Grey - Beauty UK - Slate
Red  - Misa - Single and Ready to Limbo**
Pink - Beauty UK Gel FX - Pink Orchid
Orange - Barry M - Mango
Yellow - Beauty UK - Yellow Peril**
Green - Barry M - Spring Green
Blue - Nails Inc - Baker St
Top coat - Glisten & Glow - HK Girl

Products marked ** were provided for PR purposes, the others were purchased by me.

I haven't had chance to do the rest of the nails for the challenge so mine will be done over a slightly longer period than a week.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Ask a British Nail Blogger - what are your 10 favourite polishes?

This is a hard task... my favourite 10 polishes?????  How can I pick 10?  They're all my favourite, that's why I have them all- I've never had a blog sale and haven't sold off any polishes since 2009!!  I went through my stash list and noted down my absolute favourites (today) and a count up revealed they came in at 15, so I had a bit of a cull to do...  Which ones made it??!  Hold in mind if you ask me this same question tomorrow the answers may be ten totally different polishes!

I've not had time to reswatch any polishes so some of the pictures coming up are older photos and there is a link with the name of each polish allowing you to see all posts labelled as having that polish in them.

10 - China Glaze Westside Warrior (purchased by me)

This isn't a textured trend, it was a problem with my base coat...
This deep khaki green is one of the colours I reach for when I'm doing a quick polish, it's only been on my blog a couple of times but I have worn it a lot.  I love fugly green.

9 - Cirque Planet Caravan (purchased by me)

This polish is probably one of the best polishes I have for wear time, it's slightly duochromatic, it goes on in 1-2 coats perfectly, has a great satiny finish and - oddly - smells nice. Yes I sniff my nails from time to time!!!!  This is the only Cirque I own (mainly due to them being fairly pricey) but I'd love to have some more :)

8 - Barry M Guava (purchased by me)

Guava gelly polish was a must have for me (along with every other Gelly!) as it is a vibrant turquoise.  I've used it loads for dotting, it goes great with so many colours and it's never caused me any staining.

7 - Nails Inc Baker St (purchased by me)

Baker St was THE BLUE that I had been hankering after for months, I only got it last month and it's perfect!  Easy to apply, only needs a couple of coats and lasts better on me that any other NI polish ever has.

6 - SpaRitual Imaginarium (press sample)

used as a base for Salt nails in 33dc
This polish is a favourite for a few reasons, I love how vibrant it is, I wore it a lot in the summer because of the neon nature.  I love the slightly satiny finish it has when worn without top coat.  I love the bottle and the brush.  This polish was also one of the first polishes I was contacted and asked to review, which makes it pretty special from a silly, sentimental point of view.

5 - Beauty UK - Birdcage (press sample)

Textured polishes are a trend I was a bit late getting into.  I loved Birdcage from the moment I saw it, it's a vibrant pink and works so well alone, for dotting or with striping tape.  I now love textured polishes (must buy all the polishes...) and this one is a favourite.

4 - Barry M Vanilla (press sample)

This is only a very recent addition to my stash, I've only featured it on my blog once, but since getting it in October I've worn it around 7 times which is pretty good going given that I've not really been doing my nails as much whilst recovering from the shoulder problem.  I even took this one away on holiday with me in my make up bag and sought polish remover so I could apply this whilst I was away!!  I love the waxy finish, the shade which is somewhere between lilac grey and beige is perfect and the formulation is so smooth to apply.

3 - a-england Galahad (purchased by me)

This was in the bulk order I made for a-england polishes back in June 2012.  It is my favourite teal, a great one coater and very similar in hue to about four other polishes I have but what makes this one place so high in my top ten is that it's got the great brush, the great formulation, the great pigmentation, the great wear time.  This one tops the rest of the teals IMO!

2 - Kiko 401 (purchased by me)

I got this one in Feb 2013, I didn't really wear it until July when suddenly I fell in love with the shade and the subtle holo.  The only thing I don't really like is that it doesn't wear brilliantly on me, although I haven't worn it since I got the HK Girl so this may be improved somewhat.

1 - Jade Magia (purchased by me)

Ironically at the time of writing the post I had originally given the top spot to OPI DS Original yet now having been right through the polishes that one doesn't even make my top ten - so why the change of heart?  Well I thought about it, whilst DS Original is the polish which introduced me to holos and the one which I have kept the longest, it's actually been AGES since I wore it.  Plus since then I've picked up some cracking holos, Jade Magia is a black holo which I have worn loads since getting it, it's a reached for polish which I go to when I want a simple plain mani with some interest.

Check out the other British Nail Blogger's picks and their top tens using the links below!


Thursday, 21 November 2013

OPI Wyatt Earple Purple

Today should have been part of the 33DC which I dropped out of back when I hurt my shoulder, this was ready for day 7, oldest untried.   I just found this in my drafts!  I didn't think I have any untrieds until hubby reminded me that I had an untried which I had only recently got, but it is verrrrry old: OPI Wyatt Earple Purple.  WEP was a polish I bought back in 2003 ish from QVC along with Pistol Packin Pink and Not So Bora-Boring Pink in a set of three pinks.  WEP was my favourite at that time but I chucked my bottle out many moons ago as the polish was thickening and at that time my obsession wasn't so.... intense!

I spotted one on eBay ending very shortly, an hour or so after seeing it.  I won the auction, however when the polish arrived I questioned if it was a fake or not as the bottle looked odd, compared to my existing black label bottle all the symbols were different.  A bit of digging around on Google took me to a site which gave details of bottles and labels over the years and with this being circa 2001 I realised the bottles were all changing, it is a black label and I think it is an original bottle from back then.

Now let's have an "Emporers New Clothes" moment and imagine we can see my super dooper art work over this, those fine swirls of sheer topcoat, the delicacy of the brushwork.... ok, ok, these are plain old swatches....

And now my failed "artwork"  which I did for the challenge! I really shouldn't try to use a brush, however the brush worked out better than the stamp.  My polish for stamping and freehanding here was Layla Purple Illusion. I stamped the index and thumb.

I prefer the finely spun silk from the first three pictures...

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Nail Mail Mani

After a couple of days of feeling uninspired I had some nail mail and seeing these three colours side by side they belonged together some how!

I used Sally Hansen Sgt Preppy (pink) and Palm Treat (green) with Revlon Stormy (milk chocolatey brown) on the nails where they were alone I added OPI Pirouette My Whistle. I used a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and dotted on two nails. Pictures were taken after 15 hrs wear and were taken with HK Girl topcoat.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Textured Skittlette

Quick skittlette I did here.  I opted to have textured polishes on each nail in some way. 

Little finger and thumb were Barry M Princess, index was Rimmel MoonWalking, middle was Barry M Majesty with a striping tape pattern over a-england Guinevere and my ring finger has a base of Mentality Mae and dots of Barry M Countess.  This was my favourite, the glitters in Countess looked fab and this may have to be done as a full mani!