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Ask a British Nail Blogger - what are your 10 favourite polishes?

This is a hard task... my favourite 10 polishes?????  How can I pick 10?  They're all my favourite, that's why I have them all- I've never had a blog sale and haven't sold off any polishes since 2009!!  I went through my stash list and noted down my absolute favourites (today) and a count up revealed they came in at 15, so I had a bit of a cull to do...  Which ones made it??!  Hold in mind if you ask me this same question tomorrow the answers may be ten totally different polishes!

I've not had time to reswatch any polishes so some of the pictures coming up are older photos and there is a link with the name of each polish allowing you to see all posts labelled as having that polish in them.

10 - China Glaze Westside Warrior (purchased by me)

This isn't a textured trend, it was a problem with my base coat...
This deep khaki green is one of the colours I reach for when I'm doing a quick polish, it's only been on my blog a couple of times but I have worn it a lot.  I love fugly green.

9 - Cirque Planet Caravan (purchased by me)

This polish is probably one of the best polishes I have for wear time, it's slightly duochromatic, it goes on in 1-2 coats perfectly, has a great satiny finish and - oddly - smells nice. Yes I sniff my nails from time to time!!!!  This is the only Cirque I own (mainly due to them being fairly pricey) but I'd love to have some more :)

8 - Barry M Guava (purchased by me)

Guava gelly polish was a must have for me (along with every other Gelly!) as it is a vibrant turquoise.  I've used it loads for dotting, it goes great with so many colours and it's never caused me any staining.

7 - Nails Inc Baker St (purchased by me)

Baker St was THE BLUE that I had been hankering after for months, I only got it last month and it's perfect!  Easy to apply, only needs a couple of coats and lasts better on me that any other NI polish ever has.

6 - SpaRitual Imaginarium (press sample)

used as a base for Salt nails in 33dc
This polish is a favourite for a few reasons, I love how vibrant it is, I wore it a lot in the summer because of the neon nature.  I love the slightly satiny finish it has when worn without top coat.  I love the bottle and the brush.  This polish was also one of the first polishes I was contacted and asked to review, which makes it pretty special from a silly, sentimental point of view.

5 - Beauty UK - Birdcage (press sample)

Textured polishes are a trend I was a bit late getting into.  I loved Birdcage from the moment I saw it, it's a vibrant pink and works so well alone, for dotting or with striping tape.  I now love textured polishes (must buy all the polishes...) and this one is a favourite.

4 - Barry M Vanilla (press sample)

This is only a very recent addition to my stash, I've only featured it on my blog once, but since getting it in October I've worn it around 7 times which is pretty good going given that I've not really been doing my nails as much whilst recovering from the shoulder problem.  I even took this one away on holiday with me in my make up bag and sought polish remover so I could apply this whilst I was away!!  I love the waxy finish, the shade which is somewhere between lilac grey and beige is perfect and the formulation is so smooth to apply.

3 - a-england Galahad (purchased by me)

This was in the bulk order I made for a-england polishes back in June 2012.  It is my favourite teal, a great one coater and very similar in hue to about four other polishes I have but what makes this one place so high in my top ten is that it's got the great brush, the great formulation, the great pigmentation, the great wear time.  This one tops the rest of the teals IMO!

2 - Kiko 401 (purchased by me)

I got this one in Feb 2013, I didn't really wear it until July when suddenly I fell in love with the shade and the subtle holo.  The only thing I don't really like is that it doesn't wear brilliantly on me, although I haven't worn it since I got the HK Girl so this may be improved somewhat.

1 - Jade Magia (purchased by me)

Ironically at the time of writing the post I had originally given the top spot to OPI DS Original yet now having been right through the polishes that one doesn't even make my top ten - so why the change of heart?  Well I thought about it, whilst DS Original is the polish which introduced me to holos and the one which I have kept the longest, it's actually been AGES since I wore it.  Plus since then I've picked up some cracking holos, Jade Magia is a black holo which I have worn loads since getting it, it's a reached for polish which I go to when I want a simple plain mani with some interest.

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  1. Love the Jade holo. A holo polish was at my number 1 too :)

    1. That's because holos are simply the best thing ever!!! I enjoyed reading your post, your holo was a bargain!

  2. I love all your choices! Guava was one of mine too :) also, what a blast from the past - I can remember reading your post about the green and the base coat. Just shows you how long I've been reading your blog! xx

    1. I'm so jealous of the DLs you had in yours, I don't own a single one by DL!! Thank you for sticking with me since then :) that was in the summer, I think it was either May or July, I just recall the temperatures being one of those rare hot days!

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  4. I love so many of these polishes but I don't think I actually own any of them :O Westside Warrior has been on my wishlist for a little while but I never get around to actually buying it. Cirque Planet Caravan is beautiful. Fab post!

    1. Thank you for suggesting the quandry! I enjoyed writing this post, but you do realise that today my top ten could be different (especially as I have a red card and some pretties at the sorting office!)

  5. That Jade Holographic polish is beautiful!

    1. The Jade holos I have are all bloody gorgeous, I have blue and teal ones, I almost put the blue one as my number one poilsh for went for the black as I've worn it more. I loved seeing all those indies in your top ten, I don't have all that many indies.

  6. I love that Jade holo! And glad to see some Barry M Gelly love in there - although actually, Watermelon didn't make my list. I think it's the same as you and OPI - it's ages since I wore it!


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