Monday, 4 November 2013

Barry M Matte polish in Caramel and Crystal Glaze top coat paired with glitter

Blimey I think that's the longest post title I've ever written!

**post contains press samples and items purchased by me**

Today I have two polishes I've been provided with for review purposes, two of the newest additions which were added to the Barry M family in late September.

First up is the matte polish in Caramel.  I've previously reviewed the other Matte Nail Paints and loved the way they go on in a smooth, waxy finish, perfect in two coats, no sign of brush strokes.  I find they wear really well on me and the five colours in the collection are just perfect.

Caramel is a soft, neutral colour which reminds me of expensive leather items.  The swatches below are two coats, no base or top coats used.

Another great polish in this range, hopefully these will become permanent like the Gelllys and have additions made to the range in a wider selection of colours.  I love the way they go on without any type of brush stroke!

Next up is Crystal Glaze, a flakie topcoat with iridescent varying colour shimmers.  I initially swatched it over a variety of base colours purchased by me from the Gelly range of polishes.  The pictures below are two coats of base Gelly and one coat of Crystal Glaze, no top coat.

As was usually the case, the flakie polish really pops over the darker blue base, although I do like the way it adds a new texture to the lighter colours.  Flakie polishes over white are a favourite of mine.

But next up is my most favourite way to wear a flakie polish: over glitter!  I have used a base of Barry M Black Multi Glitter (purchased by me) here it is alone, a black with holographic glitters through it. As you can see it looks semi matte as the pictures below were two coats without any topcoat.

To this I added one coat of Crystal Glaze, this bought the glitter to life in Black Multi Glitter and also helped the flakies "pop."

This multicoloured flakie top coat is fantastic and will be well used by me, it's different to the other flakie polishes I have - mostly the typical duochromatic orange to purple.  The Barry M Crystal Glaze features copper, green, pink, purple and blue flecks.

The polishes used within this post (including the ones purchased by me) can be found at


  1. Oh nice. Love that flakie over glitter and the dark shades. And to think I thought it would look 'meh' how wrong was I?

    1. Thanks Lou, the combos remind me of the merry midnight effect!


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