Saturday, 30 November 2013

British Nail Bloggers get rubbed

I am a member of the British Nail Blogger group on Facebook, earlier this week I stumbled over a post in there about lip rubbing and was a bit confused.  Nada of Penguins Left Green Polish explained that it is when you find yourself rubbing your polished nails on your top lip. I don't do that, but then later that evening I found myself absent mindedly, thinking deeply and realised I was rubbing my thumb nail, polished side downwards in the middle of my bottom lip!  So I am a polished lip rubber!  Others said they rub nails against nails or simply just rub the polished side of the nail with another finger when in thought.  I actually do all of them....

A few of the girls in that group thought it may be fun to put together a list of our top five polishes we rub with!

At this point I would clearly like to state that rubbing your lips with a polished nail is not a hobby I would condone as rubbing your lips with polished nails could potentially lead to ingesting of chemicals or some random dermatitis which causes your lips to balloon and not be good for your health.  This post is intended to be a fun post about something we all realised we did without even knowing!

I haven't had time to reswatch so any pictures below will be older manis already shown.

5 - Rimmel Space Dust
Shown below is Moon Walking on my index finger.

The Rimmel Space Dust polishes are probably the roughest textured polishes I own, this means that whenever I wear one of the three shades I own, I find myself constantly aware of the texture and doing all three of the rub types I mentioned at the start!  Rimmel's rough texture makes it a great exfoliator for the lips, so add a little lip balm and buff away all the dry, dead skin cells leaving yourself with a plump, refreshed looking pout.

4 - Nails Inc Black Leather Noho.
Noho is used on my middle and thumb nails in the picture below

Noho was the very first of the textured polishes I ever used, it's subtle raised texture and almost plasticy finish made it and instant magnet to by bottom lip, I love the friction it generates when other nails rub against it, My finger pads are often found exploring the textured nature circling gently over it and sometimes it even excites me so much my tongue gets some action with it!

3 - Layla Soft Touch
Below is Marshmallow Twinkle, a very old photo...

Layla Soft Touch polishes are somewhere between matte and velvet in their finishes, I have three of them in silver, lilac and neon pink.  They dry quickly and are pretty hard wearing.  The texture of these is ideal for an absent minded rubbing session, not too rough to cause any damage.

2 - Barry M Matte Nail Paints
All polishes shown below are the Matte Nail Paints, Caramel isn't included.

With names likc Mocha, Espresso and Caramel the Matte Nail Paint range sounds like it should be eaten!  I find myself exploring it constantly when I wear it, be it a rub on the lip, nail against nail or fingerpad on nail.  Very smooth and velvety, they are the Galaxy chocolate bar of a lip rubber's polish stash!

1 - Glisten & Glow HK Girl
Shown below over a mani posted earlier this week

My number one and most used polish for this type of activity is always going to be my top coat as I don't always wear a textured or matte polish.  I do wear polish daily and in most cases with top coat on it, so this wonderfully smooth, glossy, quick dry top coat is my most used and number one polish for this activity.

A little serious note after the frivolity...

I have been rubbing my lips a lot of late, whilst deep in thought.  Over the last six weeks or so my blog has been a little neglected by me, I have allowed posts to auto publish on a schedule and approved comments without replying to them.  I've been a bit down and introverted and not bothered to do anything much...  I've been like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.  I think it all started when I hurt my shoulder and then needed time off work and I couldn't really do anything (not least my nails) and I simply fell out of the swing of things with life in general.

As things are now, my shoulder is finally fixed up (still a little sore from time to time but no longer needing buckets of painkillers just to get out of bed) I've returned to work and I'm fighting back from this little grey and gloomy cloud.

I hope to have some time this weekend to catch up on the Ab Fab challenge, I'm not even going to attempt to catch up on the 33dc as that's almost over now and I didn't get a third of the way into that.  Next week is December so there are one or two (cough five) Christmas mani's I have done already but sat on until December and now is time to kick myself up the bum and get back into things.  Thanks to all my lovely family and fab polish buddies who've been trying to lift my spirits and cheer me up whilst I've been a bit gloomy!

Back to frivolity, innuendo and lip rubbing - the lip rubbing collaborative can be found here, be sure to check out the other British Nail Bloggers choices for rubbing.


  1. Love it all! Emma you really turned this into the most awesome post ever! Love reading all the innuendos and the jokes :D Hopefully you'll feel 100% better soon. Iknow what it feels like to be down, been suffering from depression and it's the smallest things like your blogpost that make me feel like WOOO!! :D Thanks for taking part! xxxx

    1. Thanks for suggesting we join together for this post! Hopefully by the time we do another top five or ten anythings I will be more myself and ahead of the game enough to be able to reswatch!

  2. I am a huge fun of textures so I'll focuse on them <3
    I've known for the start that liquid sand trend would last longer than crackle polishes fever :) This rough finish is so awesome!

  3. All jokes aside, I really do hope you're able to break the fog and come back. I notice that a lot of us seem to suffer from some depression issues - so hopefully banding together and supporting each other will help get us all through. Great post, and great picks!


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