Monday, 11 November 2013

Femme Fatale Winter Hyacinth

I found these photos lurking on my old camera!  After all the trouble I'd had when I got the DSLR camera then the troubles getting it to work for me taking nail pictures I managed to forget about these!

Winter Hyacinth has been my only real polish lemming.  I've looked at other polishes but nothing really matched up.  I've missed it a couple of times on Facebook sale groups.  Then as luck would have it, Sally of Sally Magpies was having a blogsale on her nailpron blog (there are still a few items remaining so it may be worth a look) and I more or less tripped over my fingers to email her and request it.  Twice.  I even bothered her on her Facebook page (SORRY SALLY!)

When it arrived it was as gorgeous as I'd seen it to be on swatches....

I honestly can't remember if my undies were Barry M Turquoise or a-england Galahad.  I have worn it with both.  I'm leaning towards Turquoise for this post as that was the first one I wore it with.

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  1. Its being discontinued - good job you managed to get hold of it! I agree that I think its turquoise you used as your base, Galahad is slightly more grey I think :) x


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