Thursday, 7 November 2013


This post is in no way a sponsored post, just an opportunity to share my experiences.

For anyone here for just the nails : skip to the end, you can see what I purchased whilst away!!

I went to Devon last week, during half term.  We stayed in a place not far from Westward Ho!  The property we stayed in Tythecott Old Mill is a barn conversion, it was a fantastic holiday let for us - there were eight of us in total.  All the bedrooms were ensuite and it was one of the few places which had three double rooms and one twin room.  The property was well equipped and had wifi - which was a god send as there was no mobile network!  Luckily Hubby is on O2 and was able to link up his TuGo app allowing him to make and receive calls and use text services over wifi, although we didn't realise this til the third day we were down there!

The people who owned the farm (still a working farm) were Stan and Frances, they were lovely.  They met us on arrival, showed us around and were on hand if needed.  They were lovely when we had a problem with the car down there, allowing us to park it in a barn / shed so the RAC man could work on it without getting wet through - yes, the night before St Jude was due to strike, in the pouring rain, our car started to cough and splutter then showed a dreaded engine fault message....

Here's a few pictures...

We never took any pictures upstairs, but it was fab.  I slept better when I was away that I have done at home - the mattress was very soft and since hurting my shoulder it seemed that the softer mattress helped me get some sleep.  Now I'm home, I'm back to broken sleep.  Bad times.

Westward Ho!
Whilst down there we went to Barnstaple and I grabbed a few bits, mainly from Superdrug, although there is one Claire's polish in the picture below.  I got a couple of Rimmel textured polishes from their "Space Dust" collection.  There was one Beauty UK Gel FX polish I hadn't got so I grabbed that, along with the glitter which is something of a dupe for OPI and I got NYC Grand Central Station to try out.  The polish remover pot was something I needed as the polish I went with had chipped and looked awful, this was on offer so I got it in order to redo my nails and try out one of the Rimmel Space Dust polishes.

Finally, this is how the holiday ended... a flat tyre as well as the ongoing car trouble (which we thought had been fixed) meant we ended up on a flat bed lorry being carried home.  A journey which took 10 hours!

This post is in no way a sponsored post, just an opportunity to share my experiences.

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