Friday, 29 November 2013

Nail Mail and a bit of kitty spam.

Here's a couple of phone pictures of some nail mail I got recently. I didn't have chance to set up the light box or take any "proper" photos.

Firstly some Mentality polishes from Sally Magpies, Sailor and Hero and both matte polishes, Hard Candy and Distinct are both fab holos, I foresee some comparisons being made with these two holo polishes and some others in my stash to see if there are any dupes.

This little treasure was an eBay purchase.  I was outbid on Rumple's Wiggins, I was hoping to build my Shrek polishes!  I must say that this blue along with Shrek itself are probably both duped by China Glaze's I already have.  I haven't actually got the Shrek or Fiona colours, so now I have half of the Shrek collection!

Finally here a bit of Kitty spam!

He'd been a bit grumpy and tried to bite me so I got my revenge by putting his toy between his legs whilst he was sleeping so it looked like he was cuddling it and snapping this picture! He's normally so good natured but not on this day!

He loves being snug, he cuddled up to me and was so happy with this fleece blanket.


  1. D'awww... there's the gorgeous chocolate boy again! Oh... and polish... pretty. (Yes, Siamese still come first, polish second).


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