Saturday, 9 November 2013

Nails Inc Baker St Blue and a comparison of my blue cremes

I've been in search of the perfect blue creme polish for a while, reluctant to pay the price for Baker St by Nails Inc.  Recently Hubby got a voucher from e-Bay as his account hasn't been used for some time, that £10 was a perfect chance to get Baker St.  And it really is my most perfect blue.

Pictures below are two coats, no top coat.

Here's some other blues I have gathered along the way.

L-R Baker St, 336, Blue Grape, Southwark

I forgot to include Beauty UK Himalayan Blue, it was still in my make up bag from having been taken on holiday with me!  When I realised I did compare it to Baker St, but it is slightly more dusty and has a hint of purple.  Again, two coats, no top coat and any pictures with my thumb it has Baker Street.

Kiko 336 has been branded a dupe of Baker St, I have to disagree: it is similar, but in real life and lighting, away from the light box, it was slightly darker.  But if the Kiko is the only one you can get hold of, then I guess you can live without Baker St.  But I'm glad I have it, it's my new most favourite blue creme!

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