Thursday, 21 November 2013

OPI Wyatt Earple Purple

Today should have been part of the 33DC which I dropped out of back when I hurt my shoulder, this was ready for day 7, oldest untried.   I just found this in my drafts!  I didn't think I have any untrieds until hubby reminded me that I had an untried which I had only recently got, but it is verrrrry old: OPI Wyatt Earple Purple.  WEP was a polish I bought back in 2003 ish from QVC along with Pistol Packin Pink and Not So Bora-Boring Pink in a set of three pinks.  WEP was my favourite at that time but I chucked my bottle out many moons ago as the polish was thickening and at that time my obsession wasn't so.... intense!

I spotted one on eBay ending very shortly, an hour or so after seeing it.  I won the auction, however when the polish arrived I questioned if it was a fake or not as the bottle looked odd, compared to my existing black label bottle all the symbols were different.  A bit of digging around on Google took me to a site which gave details of bottles and labels over the years and with this being circa 2001 I realised the bottles were all changing, it is a black label and I think it is an original bottle from back then.

Now let's have an "Emporers New Clothes" moment and imagine we can see my super dooper art work over this, those fine swirls of sheer topcoat, the delicacy of the brushwork.... ok, ok, these are plain old swatches....

And now my failed "artwork"  which I did for the challenge! I really shouldn't try to use a brush, however the brush worked out better than the stamp.  My polish for stamping and freehanding here was Layla Purple Illusion. I stamped the index and thumb.

I prefer the finely spun silk from the first three pictures...

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