Saturday, 2 November 2013

Remember remember...

It's almost the 5th of November... Gunfire, powder and plot... or something like that.

I'm back from Devon now, over the last week I have been in an area with no mobile reception and broadband so slow it may as well have been a dial up modem! I am going to post about Devon and my mini haul a little later in the week.

**press sample**

The plot here was to create some bonfire night inspired nails using some polishes provided to me by Beauty UK.

The polishes used within this mani are Glam Polish No 6 Black, No 36 Yellow Peril, No 67 Bon Bon, No 53 Golden Chestnut, Gel FX Poppy Red and Posh Polish Glitter Collection Intergalactic.

I used the black polish as a base on a couple of nails and created a "firework" nail by dabbing glitter on to get a gradient.

I used Yellow Peril as a base for my flames, the sponged on a gradient of Bon Bon, Golden Chestnut and Poppy Red (I used a bit of sponge cut off from an unused dish sponge / scourer.) Normally I would smooth a gradient out with top coat, but on thid occasion I didn't as I was going to paint my flames on after these pictures.

I painted on my flames using a straight edged, flat brush and filled them in with this brush.  I top coated then cleaned up some of the black which had got on my cuticles.  In some areas it still looks a little textured, I like this combination of the shimmery brown and the creme finish red polish as it gives the flames depth.

I love how well the flames turned out!  A couple of the nails still have some yellow coming through the black, but it gives the feel of the flames dancing upwards, one thing I really miss about not living with my parents is their open coal fire and being able to stare into the flames! 

The colours are pretty versatile individually and work well when combined.  I have another Bonfire Night look in mind and will certainly be doing some Christmas nail art featuring these too.  

The glam polishes retail at £1.99 each, the Glitter and Gel FX are £3.49, so for all six it would be £14.94!  I think that's great value as there are so many looks that can be achieved with these.

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