Tuesday, 26 November 2013

SpaRitual Flamenco and Jazz

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Today I have two polishes from the SpaRitual Dance collection to share.  I had hoped to share these sooner but had a few issues uploading the photos.

The Dance collection is a seasonal range of textured, shimmering finish polishes.  As soon as I saw these in the bottle I was wowed!

SpaRitual nail polishes are ones I always enjoy using, I love the bottles (recycled glass, designed by Ferrari, ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing) the brushes are great (rubberised handles, great control and good size) the polishes are quick drying and hard wearing and the formulations are free from nasty stuff and Vegan society approved.

Onto the swatches... extreme nubbiny nails ahead, when I went away at the end of October I picked my polish off twice, my nails are now making me pay by breaking and needing some TLC.

First up is Flamenco, a pink textured polish with a blooming gorgeous gold glitter spun through it.  Two coats, no top coat apart from final picture when I added a layer of HK Girl Top Coat.  So much sparkle the camera went crazy!!!

After one coat of HK Girl it wasn't totally smooth, but I wore it this way for the next 24hrs, it wore fine, no chipping or damage.  Removal was a little harder than a normal polish but no where near as tough as a glitter, to give you an idea I normally can remove polish from all 10 nails using two cotton wool pads, Flamenco with top coat needed three to do both hands.  I loved the gold shimmer.

Next I have Jazz, a black textured polish with silver glitters.  I used two coats below on all nails apart from my index, I smudged that and added a 3rd layer to smooth out but this didn't seem to dry textured for me (I have had this same problem using Kiko Sugar Mattes, I suspect it's more a fault of the heavy handed oaf applying it than the polish itself...)  The final picture is with top coat.

When I applied my first coat of Jazz I was a little sceptical if it would really go on in two coats, but it did and it was perfect.  The brush control means there was very little clean up needed.  As with Flamenco, removal was not much tougher than a normal glitter free polish.

I will try to get a comparison of Jazz and Kiko 646 done at some point, I think the textured effect is as strong in Jazz, but without being quite as rough as the Kiko.  If memory serves me correctly I wasn't a big fan of the Kiko due to the thick formulation and the brush splaying as it goes in the bottle.  The SpaRitual textures aren't as pronouncedly rough as the Rimmel SpaceDust polishes I recently tried out which is a tremendous win for me, I struggle after I use the Rimmel as they are almost like having emery boards strapped on your fingers and rub against things and my instincts are to reach for the acetone and take it off.

The Dance collection has a total of six colours, be sure to go and see Claire at Kerruticle's swatches of Cha Cha Cha as they look amazing, it's another gorgeous colour!

SpaRitual.co.uk are the UK distributors of these polishes and you can click through to their website.  For all other countries you can visit Sparitual.com for more information on where to purchase.

Polishes were provided for an unbiased review.

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  1. I have the same problem with textured polishes in that if you smudge them and reapply a coat over the top, they don't seem to texture up like they should. Can't quite understand the science of why that should happen, but thought I'd let you know you're not alone! (Thanks for the name check too).


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