Thursday, 19 December 2013

a-england Avalon with Merlin glitter gradient

a-england Avalon is one of the "forgotten" shades in my polish stash.  I love it dearly but don't often wear it.  When I do, I find myself staring at it intently.  The last time I wore just Avalon was in the summer, I remember sitting in the passenger seat of the car with the window down and my arm on the door admiring the way my nails looked in the reflection of the wing mirror!

I used Avalon for my "then and now" nails, seeing it sitting there waiting to go back to the helmer made me sad and want to use it.  I wore it alone for a day, then to hide tip wear added a silver glitter gradient using a-england Merlin (another forgotten gem)  I think 2014 will be the year of revisiting my a-englands and making time to enjoy them again.

First up is the glitter tipped gradient.  I love the pairing of the regal purple and the silvery sparkle.

The alone swatches below are after a day of wear, I did add an extra layer of Avalon prior to taking pictures.  So on the photos below I have two coats of Duri, two coats of Avalon, one coat of HK Girl then an additional coat of Avalon (no top coat)

This extreme close up was not a macro shot, I went in close to a photo I had taken to decide if  I should use in, seeing it so close I took a screen shot of the picture as I loved how you could see the tiny shimmer particles in this photo.  The perfect balance of pink/red and blue

I believe a-england have had some special offers on in the run up to Christmas, plus they often have a gem of the month.  Adina now has a network of suppliers in place so even with the postage abroad situation they are still available internationally.  Full info about this can be found on their website.

This was purchased by me.

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