Saturday, 7 December 2013

Alternative Christmas Tree tutorial

Press sample - the polishes in this post were provided by Beauty UK for review purposes.

After yesterday's guest post at the Crumpet featuring the nails (below) and my first attempt at a tutorail, I decided to do another tutorial.

For this type of tree you will need a base colour, a tree colour which will contrast the base and three dotting colours for baubles.  Tool wise I used a striping brush and a double ended dotting tool although you may be able to do this with a normal kids paint brush and a couple of kirby grips if you don't have the specific tools on hand.

You can create this look using the star glitters (I bought mine from Born Pretty Store ages ago and haven't used them much - until now!) or alternative tree toppers could be a rhine stone, a stud or even no topper, just polish.

Step One 
I started out with a base of Gel FX in Midnight Iris, I only used one coat.  Whilst the polish was wet I added a star, a rhinestone and a stud at the centre of the nail near the cuticle.  Doing this first means I know how much room is left for the tree and also I have a visual centre point on the nail and the trees don't "slide" off too far to one side.

Step Two
Using the striping brush I added two lines to create the tree shape or on the nail with no topper two lines and a dab.  If you have longer nails you may be able to use three lines.  For this I used Glam Polish in No 47 White.

Step Three
Using the first dotting colour and the smallest dotting tool you have add the first dots.  I tool them diagonally then added one at the end on the bottom row.  I did this using Glam Polish in No 65 Lollipop.

Step Four
Add the next colour, still using the smallest dotting tool. I used Gel FX in Blue Himalayan.

Step Five
Add the third colour, filling in any gaps and still using the smallest dotting tool.  For this I used Glam Polish in No 36 Yellow Peril.

Step Six
Now have a look and see if you want to make any of the dots a little bigger.  Then wait about 15 minutes then top coat.  THIS PART IS VITAL! If you don't allow time the dots may smudge.

And you're done!  If you do follow this, please feel free to share a photo on my Facebook page.

Beauty UK polishes can be purchased on line directly or instore at Superdrug.  The Glam Polish range retails at £1.99 each and the Gel FX polishes are £3.49 each.  I have found both ranges versatile enough to use for nail art as well as alone, having used them at Halloween then Bonfire Night and again now for Christmas Nail Art.

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