Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Christmas Goodies

Today is a (belated) round up of the goodies Christmas has bought me (and I may have bought a couple...)  :)

Firstly, the rest of the a-england Ballerina collection. My parents got these for me :)

A couple of polishes from Rainbow Connection the lilac on the left and the green on the right were on sale, the black cat lacquer in the middle is a thermal which smells of cinnamon (yuk, my personal kryptonite is the smell of cinnamon, it renders me sick to the stomach and unable to function)

Better picture of the polishes.

Kiko 399 and 400 which Louise of Painted Nails and Baking Scales was kind enough to sell me and satisfy my lemming to complete the set.

These Kiko duochromes and Sugarmat box set were ordered on 20th December and arrived yesterday.

The striping polishes were a stocking filler.

I picked up the set of six Champneys polishes in Boots for £6, I thought they were a bargain...

But then I got them home and was only able to open the pale pink, the rest had been over tightened by machines at the factory, the marks on the caps are teeth marks where hubby, determined not to be beaten by a bottle of polish, resorted to his teeth after all else failed!

I got a Tips and Toes Burt's Bees kit, this was in my Amazon wish list and I had already purchased one for myself in November and loved it!  It's still going now, two months on, so I'm looking forwards to at least two more months of lovely soft skin ahead (I also purchased a full size tub of the Honey & Grapefruit handcream from Amazon with a voucher I was given, but it hasn't arrived yet)

Another Leighton Denny crystal file so I can keep one in my handbag and one with my nail stuff at home, and a small tin of L'Occitane Shea Butter for cuticles.  I have to be careful with my skin at the moment as it's hyper sensitive, but Burt's Bees stuff seems to be working well and as long as I only put the Shea Butter on my cuticles, I'm ok!

I was given the OPI Matte kit which was also on my Amazon wish list.  I am looking forwards to trying it, but may leave it a while as I only opened the Mentality Matte top coat just before Christmas.

I also got a litre of acetone and ordered a couple more Mentality items from Sally Magpies.  I think Mentality are my brand of the year as I want them all and they are the ones I go to first when looking at Sally Magpies website!


  1. Oh man...what a great Christmas stash. I am drooling over the A Englands and the Kiko holos. I have two of the holos and they are pretty awesome.

    1. I feel so guilty when I look at all this lot.... For about five minutes!

  2. Replies
    1. I really want more, but ordering from them online has that minimum £25 spend then shipping costs (although I have registered a different email each time to get free shipping!)


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