Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Tree inspired nails (pic heavy post featuring indies)

I recently posted about the polishes I have recently purchased, when I was photographing them this idea came to mind, inspired by the Christmassy feel the colours have.  

I wanted to use Puff the Magic Dragon as my feature green for the tree but have read in a Facebook group the green is bolder with "undies" so on top of my normal base of Duri Rejuvacote I used two coats of a-england St George.  As I haven't really shown St George for a long time, this was a perfect chance to photograph this lush, deep green.  St George is a one coater, but the pictures below are two coats, no top coat.

Next I applied two coats of Puff the Magic Dragon by Iconic Effect.  I have the holo version of this polish, the golden green is a perfect dragon-y colour, but also makes a great Christmas tree green if you use your imagination! (the holo twinkle is the tree lights at this point, although the holo was shy in the light box!)

I used one coat of Rainbow Chess, this is a polish I got as a lovely extra when I ordered from Winterberry Nail Art Kits.  Rachel has told me she is intending launching these polishes in the new year.  I will defo be checking them out as the quality of this polish left me in awe.  

I find that many glitter polishes (mainstream or indie alike) use a thick suspension base which takes forever to dry and smudges the base colours when applying, but this polish Rainbow Chess is in a lovely thinner suspension base.  The glitters are square and easily come out on the brush, no fishing needed.  

I honestly didn't think I would particularly like this polish when I saw it in the bottle (sorry Rachel!) but then I tried it and I actually love it.  I have a series of rainbow glitters which I never bother to wear, but these glitters are more matte than say... PP Blogger and this makes them seem more colourful than sparkly and they really stand out.  Rachel you have won me over!  I think this is the best glitter polish I own, pushing the two Quirks into second place (also featuring matte glitters, matte must be my glitter of choice!) 

One coat of Rainbow chess provides the baubles for my trees.

Having said matte must be my thing... well I have Mentality Matte top coat, it would be rude not to...  I added two coats here, not sure why it was just as good in one coat.

Nine layers of gorgeousness!!  I have sort of by passed a lot of the indie polish scene, mainly due to not really liking glitters.  I do love holos, multichromes and thermals and these seem to be coming to the fore so I think I will be buying more in future.  I can't wait to see more of the range Rachel sets up with her Nail Arcade polishes.  I am definitely going to have a look into getting more Iconic Effect polishes and it's no secret how much I love a-england, although I haven't featured them much over the last couple of months.  Mentality have a huge range of holo and matte polishes which are stocked my Sally Magpies, the value of the polish is immense, I am sure I read somewhere that ml for ml they basically work out the same as a Barry M polish, the 15ml bottles are usually between £5 and £6.  I have around 12 of the Mentality's so far and there are always lots I want when I view Sally's site!


  1. Loooove these, so ideal for Christmas!! x

    1. Thank you! The glitter is my new favourite!

  2. All of them are soo pretty, but St George is definitely my favourite.

    1. It's a great green, I don't seem to wear it all that often though.


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